Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cat den

It didn't rain today but it was dreary and muggy. I was off to visit a friend with the lady who is fostering little Puffin (Shelly) to see how she put together a cat den on her house.
Meet Dora
Dora does have freedom but not while the baby birds are in their nests.
She was fit to be tied.
I have cat-sat many times at this home but Shelly wanted to look this thing over with measuring tape in hand. The cat goes in and out through the office window. It's really neat.

Back home, I am still cleaning up the office and organizing my life.
Here's where I sit and enjoy your blogs. The cat basket is still empty. Not one of my cats has taken over Ginny's place as office cat.
This will be tackled next. Hidden behind a door is 40 some photo albums. I need a way to store them properly. Anyone have any suggestions?

I throw a bag of 'stuff' out at least twice a month lately and most of it goes to a thrift shop in town. I am serious about only living with what I need and love. If it has sentimental value I most likely will keep it but if it is something someone gave me and I feel that someone else could use it, is it not better to move it on? I think so!
I always have an audience while I work
hugs, Deb


  1. I love your blog and what you do. We truly are kindred spirits. I lost my Sheltie a year ago @ 16 yrs. of's never long enough...
    I still have and do rescue cats; there is such a need.
    Have a great week!

  2. If you finish organizing your life, I could use a hand! I feel the same way about "stuff", Scott and I pared down tremendously when we moved to Las Vegas. We had to, our house is half the size of the old one!

  3. I'm working on my organizing also..great thought Deb, love it or get rid of it. Maybe a 'new' kitty will come to live with you and be the office cat! hugs, Linda

  4. I'm so with you on getting rid of stuff. In my "eventual little house" there will not be room for so much stuff. I think you're housing your albums in as good a way as I've ever seen. Yes, every office needs a sleepy/slacker cat for an assistant.

  5. I am faced with sorting through the rest of the stuff belonging to my 88 year old mum who has Alzheimers. There are boxes and boxes of photos of long dead extended family members and friends (?). Who they are, we'll never know now since mum is the last one who would have remembered. At a loss for what to do. Also, all of her treasured belongings, of which she has lots and lots. I got rid of half of her stuff when she moved to her one story home. But the remaining stuff ????
    I really have to watch out. I could end up with stuff all over the place too!

  6. Our mom says one day she'll get herself organized like that!

  7. Hi Deb-

    I always read your blog and just love it, and feel guilty for not commenting more often! I think the older you get, the more the photo albums build up. Although in the last 5 years or so, the digital photos are a lot easier to store on disks, and I only print out when necessary or for framing.

    I felt so bad when your Ginny died. We had 2 beautiful kitties until 3 days ago when our sweet Penny died suddenly. We're still in shock. She was 14, but very active and healthy. The autopsy showed no disease, and the vet figures it was probably an aneurism. There is a big hole in my heart, but in a few months, we will probably go to the shelter to pick out another 1 or 2 kitties.

    It has helped me knowing there are people like you have have dealt with this recently. I have had many cats before, most of who grew to old age and got sick somehow. We had time to prepare for the inevitable, but not this time.

    Thank you for all the wonderful cat information on your blog, and for helping cats (and dogs) in so many ways. The world needs more people like you!