Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby steps with Emma

"Hi Emma" I'm here to pamper you."
Her little pushed-in persian-type face became motionless and she stopped in her tracks. I took my time and gave her room to adjust to my entrance. I was armed with moist food, treats & a heart busting with love for this cat. I just went about getting her dish ready, humming and no eye-contact. She hid for a minute but she was very interested. Rattling the treat bag brought her closer. Then, I saw her behind my leg. I slowly picked her up and placed her on her familiar spot for her injection. I waited, she never moved so I placed a few treats in front of her and did the dirty deed. She never flinched. It didn't go as planned but then Emma is a cat and cats are unpredictable at the best of times. So....I expect the next few days to go smoothly with this gal.

It is a gorgeous day here and the sun has been out all day. The porch on Emma's house is  exploding with flowers with hanging baskets welcoming you as you approach.

 It's like a house in a children's fairy-tale. What could be better while cat-sitting than walking through the garden of paradise when you first arrive. So, so pretty.
This little one came in off the street, pregnant and hungry. Another lucky one.

There are 4 cats in this house so I will be sure to tell you all about them but right now I am focusing on little shy Emma who may not be so shy after-all.
hugs, Deb


  1. So glad little Emma did well with you today. So sweet! Deb you are so good at what you do cause you do it with so much love!

  2. What beautiful flowers, and a great place to cat sit!

  3. We second Linda's (above) comment. Little Emma could feel the love. She most likely is a shy kitty, she's just not shy with you.
    How wonderful it must feel for her to be able to connect with someone when her mum and dad are away. Please give her a kiss from us.

    Sweet kitties and a flower covered house: I think I've found heaven.

  4. Good news. I'm so happy it went so well with Emma. You have that special touch.

  5. Wonderful! You do a terrific job with the cats! If I do something for a cat that helps the cat or pleases the cat, it's a highlight of my day!