Thursday, June 2, 2011

a gorgeous day in our little town

Well, here it is June already. This month my son marries and  my husband retires. Should be some interesting changes going on around here. Big changes.

I'll be filling my cat-bag with fresh nip and lots of toys for the busy weekend ahead.
Two of my favorite tabbies.....Buddy & Chase

I mentioned the little diabetic cat in my last post that is shy. She really is very shy so when I met her yesterday she hid behind the couch. Oh dear!
This, of course is a BIG concern. How do you give insulin 2x a day to a cat that hides? So after dinner tonight I headed back over to their home to be there when the owner fed and medicated her. I just wanted her to get used to me before they left for their trip  First she was shy again and then she let me pet her. I got her to come to me with some treats and I sat on the floor so I was level to her and spoke very quietly. She liked that. She let me massage her back and she happily took the treats from me. The plan was for her to be in a particular place when having her insulin injected but now I think we will just let her come to me and get comfy on the floor and then I can administer the insulin. That's the plan. I'll keep you posted on how I do.

The wind has really picked up here. Tree branches are down everywhere. I worry about the little birds in these trees. I actually think we have a nest of birds in our tree in the yard. How stupid is this bird when I have 3 cats lying on the deck half the day. She doesn't know that they are old and slow and too lazy to even care.
I love seeing the geese on our walks now.
This cat makes me laugh. This is the look she gives Kane every time we walk by.

I wanted to show you one of my favorite pictures of my buddy, Kane. I love this one with all 4 off the ground.

Hope you had a great day.
Hugs, Deb


  1. Loved all your pictures...that Kane is awesome! It will be an exciting month for you, I hope it all goes wonderfully well! :D

  2. I have yet to catch mine with all four off the ground! Great shot, Deb! I wish I had you here to work on Emily.

  3. I hope you're able to give the insulin without too much trouble. Like the new header too.

  4. Aww - that is such a cute picture of Kane. Good luck with the diabetic kitty. If anyone can be successful, you can be.

  5. Love these beautiful tabby boys! And what a great shot! It looks like they are modeling their gorgeously marked coats. Front and back; each perfection.

    The shot itself, for the little diabetic girl, won't be the hard part but getting her to trust you enough to hold her will be. Looks like you've already made a good start, though. Hurrah for you! I used to administer meds to my cat Arthur ( now a bridge kitty) every 6 hours. He was undisturbed by needles but sometimes when I would have his skin tented with one hand and be begining to inject with the other, he'd just start to walk away! My nerves!

  6. Love the new header and that shot of Kane is phenomenal!! Hope the kitty responds well with her medicine. I know you will figure it all out.

  7. I love the third cat's golden eyes.

  8. What a great action shot of Kane! Pure bliss.

    Exciting about the wedding, and retirement. Hope it's a wonderful month for you with perfect weather on wedding day.

  9. The cats are stunning! Beautiful treasures.