Monday, June 13, 2011

"How Sweet It Was"

The wedding was magical. I loved every bit of it.
John will make a wonderful husband. I always knew that.

The setting was beautiful. I had so many photos.....

The boys were getting anxious and the clouds were moving in.
But it didn't rain....thanks to YOUR prayers and good wishes.
Brittany's parents & Riley
Me, Mike & Jon

Riley finally got to ride in her wagon. Off to Party..........

My daughters Jess & Allie with their beau's

Mina - my Friend of  45 years
Mary - Friend of 35 years.
"Careful John....I'm a bit cracked" (rib)
Dancing with my son. He requested for the Mom & Groom dance my favorite James Taylor tune  "How Sweet It Is" 
(Boy, do the emotions run high.)

I still haven't had a piece of that cake....
Lots of this going on
John's grandmother (86 years old) made it from Kitchener area  
Allie, Mabel & Jess

The Happy Couple

I guess now we must return to normal life as I am off to cat-sit. Lots of lovin' going on at home too.
Another happy couple

Hugs, a still sore and on meds but happy Deb


  1. Aunty Deb,
    That last pix is soooo sweet! How come they look guilty, eh?
    Oooh...I love the green of the MOG's dress. May we have a full length pix purrrlease! Ooohh...but too many lilies in that ceremony. Give me shivers. purrr....meow!

  2. Beautiful pics, Deb. Love all the dresses, especially yours!

  3. Oh thanks for sharing the day..loved it, especially Riley's grand entrance...what a Princess! Just beautiful everything, loved your outfit too! ;D

  4. What a wonderful outdoor wedding. And you made it through the event gracefully, Loved Riley's flower girl wagon. Btw, James Taylor's in Toronto on June 25th. Get your tickets!

  5. Hi Deb! What a beautiful wedding...and that setting...just gorgeous! The newlyweds look so happy and I loved seeing Riley in her "carriage"! Your dress is beautiful...such a lovely color! The last couple is purrfectly handsome as well! :-) Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  6. Looks like it turned out perfectly Deb! What a beautiful couple ~ and how cute was Riley in the wagon? Very cute idea. I wish the happy couple a long and wonderful life!
    xo Catherine

  7. Looks like it turned out wonderful! Glad it didn't rain. I wish the bride and groom a long happy life together. You photo of both cats is sweet.

  8. Beautiful bride and handsome groom. Such lovely pictures.

  9. This has to be one of my fave posts....of all the weddding wonder and the kitties at the end!!!!

  10. Looks like it was a wonderful wedding! I just loved Riley's carriage! Too cute!

  11. It looks so wonderful I don't know what to about: HAPPY!!!! Fabulous!!!
    Your dress is Lovely!!

  12. Oh Deb.. you're so right... the wedding does look magical...... the area of the wedding is so beautiful.

    The wedding party and the bride and groom.... WOW!
    Such a handsome couple!
    You look so pretty!
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of a perfect day!
    Congratulations to the newlyweds!!!

  13. There is an award for you here:
    McGuffy's Reader

  14. Gorgeous wedding! Simple and quite elegant! Very timelessly beautiful. The sort of wedding that Wills and Kate might have chosen if they were just Wills and Kate. God bless the new couple! Love the colour of the bridesmaids dresses! The girls look so very fresh and modern but classic at the same time.
    Dearest Ed and lovely Lilly! An absolute sweetheart couple. We get all misty eyed seeing the love in the old fellows eyes. The stuff that dreams are made of!

  15. Hi Deb-

    What a beautiful wedding that was! The setting makes a gorgeous backdrop. It looks like you all had a lot of fun. And little Riley in that little princess wagon... what a sweet idea! Congratulations to your son and daughter-in-law! Thank you for sharing with us. :-)


  16. Oh, and I agree... LOVE the pic of Mr. Ed and Lily!!! Such adorable little faces!!

  17. Deb that was a beautiful wedding! I loved Riley in that cute! So glad all went well. Wishing you continued healing. hugs, Linda

  18. Beatiful couple, beautiful wedding, and I loved your outfit! Glad the rain held off. And Riley's wagon was so cute!!