Friday, June 17, 2011

Give-away winner & a thirsty visitor

Gary drew the winning name from a ball-cap. We don't do anything fancy around here.

And the winner of my give-away is .....The Cat Guy at
Congratulations to you & I hope you enjoy the book, especially. I would love to hear what you thought of it. Your cats should really enjoy the Cat Dancer.
Please send me your mailing address and I will send off your gift but be patient as we are having a postal strike at this time.

Summer is here in 5 days and besides caring for travelling cat-owner's cats I also get to play in their gardens. Most often, their gardens need watering while they travel so of course I gladly volunteer to do that for them. I am just now starting to have an interest in gardening. I guess I was just  too busy. I think I always thought gardening was for older people, HA! Now I'm there so I'll get right on it.

I added a few more pots to the front of our home and my baskets are looking good.

I'll be planting tomatoes tomorrow. I didn't have any luck with them last year but I will persevere. I am nothing if not stubborn.
The afternoon walks are taken alone these days. It is too hot for our Kane. I take him out early and then he sleeps along with the cats the rest of the day.  It feels odd walking without him. It makes me think of what's ahead when we no longer have him. I can start tearing up just thinking about it.

I have photographed this old bicycle before but wandered by it again today. I love how it still sits in it's rusted state adorned with flowers.
Flowers and cats can make anything look better.
Like this guy watching me snap pictures of the bicycle from his porch. Doesn't he add beauty to that old rocker? I think he told me to "Bug Off".

I leave water out for our cats during the day and was a little surprised to see who had come by for a cool drink.
He never bothered the cats as they all remained stink-free.

Helma and Ebony are doing fine this week and I will be adding 2 more cats tomorrow. Then the weekend gets busy once again. I love this job.
hugs, Deb


  1. Congratulations to the winner!

    You are right Deb, flowers and cats make everything look better!

    Oh my stars ~ and that little skunk!! Very cute but I'm glad he/she didn't go anywhere near the kitties!!! Peeuuu!

    Happy Weekend!
    xo Catherine

  2. Congrats to the Cat Guy! I too have enjoyed gardening more since I've retired and have more time. Love my flowers. So hot already but I'm hoping some will survive. Love the photo of the cat in the rocking chair! hugs, Linda

  3. Yahhooo for me! I love winning stuffs. The cats will love a new cat dancer and the book looks interesting. It'll be good to hear the secrets of naturally curing diseases that "they" don't want me to know.

    Nice summer-looking pictures - still waiting for summer to start here, any day now. I especially like the kitty-centerpiece in the second picture! Cats make everything better.

  4. concatulations to the winner!! Concats Cat Guy!
    OMG I LOVE the flowers in the basket of the bike...that is sooo charming!
    I also love the kitty I saw sitting in the bed on the table I think?
    I would have died if I saw a cat drinking water from one of my pet's bowls!
    Your flowers are gorgeous!

  5. Not to worry. I brought the bowls in, disinfected them and decided not to leave any outside for awhile. We live across from a tree farm so there is lots of these critters around.

  6. Congrats to the Cat Guy!

    Oh my goodness! That little skunk is the sweetest thing! He looks so precious at the kitty bowl. Just can't help but love him!
    Your flowers are comming along beautifully. It is so hot and dry here they don't withstand the relentless summer heat. Your hanging basket is a real beauty! We're envious!

  7. Your flowers are gorgeous. Your pictures of your kitties are also gorgeous.

  8. I confer, I love the kitty centerpiece,the old bike and your flowers are doing great! Talk about visitors....we have a white dove that I think someone released from a funeral home nearby hanging around!!My son named her Lucy!! Poor thing is off course. Have a blessed weekend! Sue in Mich