Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a little visitor.

The day started off with me walking into the kitchen and being greeted by a chipmunk chowing down at the cat dish. WHAT!! Now, this has not been a great week but I'm not complaining too could have been worse, but I was not in the mood to have to wrestle a little darling chipmunk from the claws of one of my cats. I walked slowly around it and it skadaddled under my pantry door. How it did that I'll never know because the opening at the floor was maybe a 1/2 inch.'s in there and Gary can take care of it later. He'll just send it outside. This is an old house and we have had many a mouse, bat, bird but never a chipmunk drop in. Still don't know how they get in here. Sorry no all happened too fast.

It is SO HOT here today. I am heading out for a pedicure and just tidying up around the home. Not doin' much.

Bonnie dropped by to settle up after a week of my cat-care for her diabetic cat and her friends. (4 in all)
Wilson (one of Bonnie's cats) had some bo-bo's to take care of so I was medicating him, too over last weekend.  I love this guy. He is a Pooh-bear kind of cat. Just jolly, round and sweet.
Bonnie was so kind, so complimentary, so appreciative of my care. That is what fuels me to keep going and growing the business. She said she will be singing my praises to all her friends and neighbours. She doesn't care to use boarding kennels so I expect to hear from her again.
"Thanks, Bonnie."

There is so much excitement going on around here. Last minute preparations. Poor John went to pick up his tux last night and it didn't fit right. They have to make some changes again and we are 3 days away from the wedding. Oh dear!
The only one not having a care in the world right now is our Flower-girl to be. She's too busy eating dry cereal from her tea-set.
"You guys should just relax"

Off I go for some pampering.

hugs, Deb


  1. Try to relax Deb. I know that is hard but it will all work out I know. hugs, Linda

  2. Oh chipmunks - I do adore them. I am glad that I don't have to worry about them and cats - we don't have many outdoor kitties in our area.

    Wilson sounds like a great kitty - handsome too! And oh the little flowergirl is right (and cute)- just relax!

  3. Aw, dear little chipmunk :-) I've also tried all the ones you mention, but never a chipmunk. Hope he makes his way out safely.
    I'm sure your work is hugely appreciated!
    That flower girl is DARLING!!

  4. Good luck with everything..busy time! Love the Riley girl..and too funny about the chipmunk, was it Chip or Dale? LOL ;D

  5. A chipmonk! oh my! i love them outside, but not in the house. They are cute little critters, but can do damage. Bet you are getting exxcited too - wedding is just in a few days now.

  6. Wow I have never seen chipmonk, except in the movie "Alvin and the Chipmonks." Did they sing??

  7. Love the kitty in the background of the picture of your grand daughter!

  8. A chipmunk in your pantry! Oh Deb, now we know the wedding will be perfect! All the crazy stuff is happening beforehand! Did the darling diabetic kitty remain easy to medicate? Any close ups of her dear little face!
    Speaking of faces, that Wilson is a real looker! A cat just made for cuddling! We are glad the owners appreciated your expert care. Sometimes you so everything for somebody and they take it for granted.
    That little flower girl is a real looker too!
    Pampering! Just what you need after all of your recent "adventures"! Enjoy!

  9. I like your new header, Deb! Pooh-bear is the perfect word for Wilson! He's adorable!