Saturday, June 18, 2011

Charming Ebony

Mr. Ed chases the sun
It's been a busy, hot day and tonight I'm just kickin' back with a bowl of popcorn. I had lots of kitties to care for and Helma, the German Shepherd needed 2 visits. I spent an hour making sandwiches for my daughter's friends' stag tonight and then back out for the dinner rounds. Ebony, the little black beauty I am caring for until next week has finally come out of her shell and is showing some affection. She is so gorgeous and has a calm nature. 
What is it about black cats (with a white spot) that make me feel I have to 'dress up' to be in their company? We sat on the floor and played with her toys and I was glad I had just had a pedicure. :-)
"I see gorgeous thing"
Tomorrow we are celebrating my birthday (gagh!) and Father's Day with the kids. Breakfast favorite. (I'm thinking french toast)
Hope you have a Happy Father's Day.
hugs, Deb


  1. Deb how Gorgeous. Hope all is well out East of me.
    Its raining and has been for days. Its so nice to have the air humid once again on the prairies.

  2. We love your blog, and we're second.
    Glorinha and Rogerio Rinaldi
    Creators earring Look of the day ....
    You have a great Sunday.

  3. ahhh, the Mr. Ed fix; Mommy is happy now...

    Happy Daddy Day from us, The Katnip Lounge Kats!

  4. Excuse us, but Squeeeeeee! Darling Ed! Squeeeeeee!
    Mad about the boy!

    Look at the expression on Ebony's face! So adorable! Those wide, luminous green- gold eyes against the black fur! Absolutely exquisite! We are so glad that she is shedding her shell. We would hate for her to miss the chance to bask in your love and attention!
    Lovely Ebony and darling Ed! What a wonderful post! Love to all.