Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keep kitty hydrated this summer

"Good Morning" from 'ol blue eyes

I have appointments today and keys to pick up for the weekend work. I call it work but really I just have a lot of fun with other people's cats. Not a bad job.

It is so stinkin' hot here this week but at least today there is a breeze. When I can't walk Kane in the day I say it's too hot.
I have to walk him early and then again before bed in the summer. Collie's hate the heat. I haven't seen the feral cats for awhile. Only one was there last night when I brought the food. He looked hungry and let me get a little closer than normal. I put down some water for him, too.  I can imagine they are very thirsty. I only go every second night now. They need to know how to hunt and the food I leave will keep them strong and they'll hunt better. Did you know that a well-fed barn cat catches more mice than one that is not fed? It is because they take their time while hunting and make less mistakes because they are not starving. So, feed your barn cats, please.

I had a really nice visit with Bonnie this morning who I have known for years. Gosh, she's such a great lady. She has a funny husband, 5 rescued kitties, runs the food bank, gardens like a mad-woman and makes me laugh. I can't wait to show you her gardens in a later post . This is Wilson. He spent the whole time I visited up on his too-small-for-his-butt cat bed while flirting with me.  Isn't he handsome. Jenny is in the background. She's a real sweet little pastel calico.

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=keeping kitty hydrated.
When the heat is on as it has been lately, a nice thing to do for kitty is to add ice cubes to the water bowl It not only keeps the water cool throughout the day and will have kitty drinking more, but it can be endless fun for your cat to bob at the cubes. Sure, you'll get water on the floor but it makes for some fun photos. The fun of water fountains will provide another great incentive to drink more. Moist food given 2x a day is a great way to get more water into your cat. You can also add more water to the moist food to make a bit of a gravy. It is really important to keep your cat hydrated throughout the summer.

Have a great one!
hugs, Deb


  1. You are living the dream, Deb! Give that toofless wonder a tummy rub from me. He is a doll.

  2. Fortunately, all the people I know who have barn cats do feed them! But that's very important for people to know.

  3. And good morning to you, gorgeous boy! You sure know how to start a girls morning off right! And wouldn't we adore a little kiss!

    Weather has been hot here but not as hot as it will get in a few weeks. It is 98F/ 36C with 6% humidity outside. Keeping all bowls filled tip top.

    Hello Wilson. We love to meet new kitties. Kisses for you.

  4. Hello, My Name Is Dana. First Let Me Tell You I Absolutely LOVE Cats. I Recently Rescued A Newborn Kitten Named "Uno" Because His Mother Killed All His Brothers And Sisters And I Grabbed Him Up As Soon As I Got The Chance. I Bottle Raised Him And He Is Now 9 1/2 Weeks Of Crazy LOL! The Most Loveable Little Guy Ever! Ok Getting To The Question, I Just Adopted A Kitty, Or He Adopted Me, He Is About 3-4 Weeks Old And I Am Guessing His Mommy Got Hit My A Car And Skipper (The Kitten) Was Laying Next To His Mom On The Side Of The Road. (I Know Its So Sad)The First Day He Was Really Scared But Ate Some Formula But Only A Few Sips, So I Tried Giving Him The 'Kitten' Wet Food And He's Been Eating That Very Well And Also Drinking Water. Within A Day Of Me Getting Him He Has Diarrhea. I Feel Sooo Bad For Him. I Was Wondering If You Had Any Tips On How I Can Keep Him Hydrated. Would Children's Pedialyte Help....Any Suggestions? I Know Your Not A Vet, I Just Think People Who Love Cats Like Us Would Know How To Hydrate Cats Without Paying $300 At The Vets. Thanks Alot Dear!