Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Waiting for you

Custer needs a home.
Custer has 3 legs but is getting around very well.
I think he is as sweet as pie and would give you his life-time of love.

John is still waiting for  a home. (See him on my side-bar) He has been neutered so he was in a cage today. He is one of my favorite. Man,  those eyes melt your heart.

He wasn't as sad as he looks here. He was very affectionate, happy for company & did get out of the cage.
Taurus is 4 years old and oh my goodness he is a sweetheart. 

These are just 3 of the gorgeous cats at LAWS that we cuddled and played with this morning. Shelly and I could have stayed all day if we didn't have commitments. So many lovely, friendly, playful cats await a loving home. We met Sheila today who volunteers with LAWS as a cat care-giver. She makes sure that each and every cat has time out from the cage and gets to roam around and meet other cats. She volunteers 4 days a week. I watched her primping and cleaning and loving up the cats. I think she must go home each day feeling that she has made a difference for these little souls.

You know what to do

more tomorrow
hugs, Deb


  1. YOU are an angel, my friend

    my little adopted stray Pixie was just here...been here 3 summers now...she found me !!! and she has filled our garden with PURE DELIGHT !!!!

    God Bless You for all you do for the animals...

    i LOVE your blog and all the sweet kittys

    sending love,
    kary, teddy and all the kittys at farmhouse kitchen

  2. You ladies who do this: you are truly angels. Of the highest variety.

  3. Custer looks like my friend's cat I have on my current post! He, too, was adopted!

  4. Three absolute treasures! Anyone would be lucky to have Custer, John or Taurus join their family. I have a lovely gray tabby named Ginny who is missing one of her front leg, like Custer. She is full of life and love and boy, is she fast!
    She doesn't "act handicapped" or limit her adventures in any way. The only accommodation I have made for her is using the soft, decorative sponge mats in the areas where she may land after a leap from a higher spot. I have several sets of kitty stairs but she ignores them. She is fastidious with her litter tray. If anyone is thinking of adopting Custer, put your concerns aside and go and get him!

  5. I think these older guys all have so much love to give. I hope they find homes soon. hugs, Linda

  6. Oh they are all so cute and adorable!! They do deserve a great forever home...We hope they will find one very very soon.

  7. Such adorable kitties. I hope they all find a good, forever home.

  8. I'm a caregiver for an elderly lady who has been feeding feral cats for over 10 years. I dont' know what to do about one of the mother cats. She had a litter about 6 weeks ago. I found one kitten and found a good home for her. I haven't been able to catch the second kitten and I think she is still nursing at 6 weeks. The mother cat has been in heat and I think she is pregnant again. I need to get her spayed but I'm concerned about her kitten. Yet, I hate to see another litter come into this cruel world. Any suggestions?

  9. Beautiful cats! Oh how I wish that every kitty had a forever home.

    We have a mother feral cat and her 3 feral kittens in our front flower bed. I'm feeding them and hopefully trap them soon to have mama spayed.

  10. Beautiful cats and I hope they find homes soon! As the proud mummy to a tripod kitty from the SPCA, I can say that TRIPOD KITTIES ROCK! :)