Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bro's will be bro's

What a joy it is to care for these two little munchkins
They are rough & tumble then sweet and loving.
Their purrs shake the foundation of this comfy log home.
How I adore these two.

These little bro's.

The small one copy-catting the other.

Thankfully, never having experienced a cruel hand.
Always ready for adventure.
What a busy day. Many cats to care for, new cats to meet & I purchased a  new vacuum cleaner (it's like gold to me). Anyone with pets knows this is VERY valuable.  I have gone through 2 this last 12 months thinking they were great and they turned out to be junk. I think I finally found the best one out there for the money.  I'll do a consumer report on it soon.
I'm off for my 'fish & chips' night. A girl gotta pamper herself :-)
Catherine from won the give-away. Drop over and enjoy her blog.
There are 108 cats at our local shelter. PLEASE drop over if you can and make a donation or better yet give one of these beautiful cats a loving home.
Hugs, Deb 


  1. These 'bros' are so cute!!! Enjoy your evening Deb.

  2. Y'all look like the dynamic duo fur sure!

  3. I just love these brothers..they are so cute and the remind me of my Bobby! Sounds like you are a busy lady! :D

  4. I'm so excited Deb!! Of course, Banjo will be very happy! I emailed you my address.

    In honour, I shall stock up on extra goodies for our local shelter and take them there this weekend.

    You are terrific Deb!

    Happy Canada Day!
    xo Catherine

    And I know I've said it before, but truly, you have the best job! When you are able to do what you love every day, it's a wonderful thing!

  5. What is it about two kitties with their tails wrapped around each other that makes us all mushy and teary eyed! What a wonderful thing to have known only love in your kitty life. Makes our hearts hurt for the rest.

  6. I just love those rough and tumble mancats! That is how my Cody is!

  7. Love these kitties! My favourite is the shot of them on the stairs.