Tuesday, June 28, 2011

& the winner is..............

It was only appropriate to throw all your names into Gary's fishing hat to find the winner of the teenie, weenie, itsy-bitsy fish dish for your kitty. You'll just have to trust me on this. The winner is Catherine at Corner of Cat's Mind.
Congratulations and please send me your address. Our postal strike has ended (as you know) and I will get this off to you right away. Everyone should drop over to Catherine's blog to meet Banjo and enjoy some fabulous photography.

It is so hot and sunny here. The cats have been basking on the deck. Sierra watched as I cleaned up after a wicked rain storm the other night. Some of my pots were flooded so I'll be pampering them a bit tomorrow. All the garden flowers and herbs just loved the rain.
My tomato plants were flooded. That's what I get for not having drainage holes in the pots. I put lots of rocks in the bottom but it didn't do the job. Holes will be drilled in tomorrow..

hugs, Deb


  1. ConCats to Catherine! I bet she does some fun beautiful photos with the dish!

  2. Sierra is a beautiful girl! Even if she does scratch things. It was a lot cooler here today... actually felt pleasant outside. Keep sending that cooler air down from Canada please!

  3. MOL..Sierra, I just see your paws on it but I din't see any action. Not enough evidence to guarantee convictions..heh..heh

  4. Congrats to Catherine! Sierra you better watch out!! The rain flooded a few of my plants also and they had drainage holes, not enough obviously!
    Today is TLC for the deck garden.

  5. Concats to the winner! She'll so enjoy that delightful little dish.

    Sierra, you have such a little angel face! Who could ever believe you'd take your mums chair apart in a moment!

  6. Concatulations Catherine, although we ARE quite jealous!