Saturday, June 18, 2011

travel tips if they really must go

Most cats feel very vulnerable off home ground. That is why I started my in-home (their home) cat-sitting service 16 years ago.
But if you must travel with kitty you should be well-prepared.

I have a few travelling tips for those who plan to travel with a cat. 

1. No food or water within 4 hours of departure.
2.Make food and water available on a long flight but line the carrier with towels or shredded paper in case of an accident.
3.Inform the person next to you that you have a cat.
4.If your cat is travelling in cargo area, attach dishes to the inside of the carrier and freeze the water so it will thaw after take-off and not spill out during loading.
5. If travelling by car be aware that some state require a veterinary health certificate in order to take an animal across state lines.
6. Once you have arrived at your final destination, set up your cat's litter pan and make sure all windows, doors and other potential kitty escape routes are closed and locked.
7. No matter how small your cats are or how well you think they get along, resist the temptation to cram two into one carrier. 
8. Never try to sneak your cat on board without a reservation. Being able to travel with your pet on board is a privilege given to us by the airlines. 

Sierra has informed me that she's not going anywhere.

(If anyone has traveled with a cat and has some valuable suggestions,  please let us know)

Safe travels!

OMGosh - I should be tarred and cat-haired. I forgot to post the MOST IMPORTANT sure to have identification on your cat before boarding or travelling by car. Thank you Knatolee from for adding that most important tip. Drop by and visit Knatolee 'cause she has some adorable animals and chickens too.

Hugs, Deb


  1. We travelled across Canada (NS to BC, then BC to Quebec) TWICE with three cats (and one of those times, we had a huge English Setter in the car as well.) The cats were good as gold in their crates, which was amazing since the NS - BC trip took ten days in winter! We initially tried a litter box on the floor of the car but it soon became apparent that no one was interested in using it, so every night at the Comfort Inn, we put the box in the bathroom and the cats literally lined up to use it! They were SO good.

    Other tips: collars and secure I.D. tags for the pets. And as we discovered, some cats like to claw their way into hotel boxsprings while you're asleep at night, so use suitacases and drawers from hotel dressers around the perimeter of the bed to block off kitty access. It is NOT FUN shaking two cats out of a boxspring at 6 am! Unfortunately this happened three times before we figured out a solution...

  2. Thanks for the good tips...I'm with Sierra. ;D

  3. The Cats here have informed me that I'm only allowed out to work and go to the Temple of Fudz!

    No traveling for them.

  4. If you fly with your cat, you'll need to take him/ her out of the carrier to go through security. To make it easier on yourself, be sure to leave all larger metal jewelry, belt buckles, etc. in your case. You don't want this to be harder than it has to be. Be sure you have a harness on the cat that the cat cannot wiggle out of and a leash on as well before you attempt to remove the cat from the carrier. When you take the cat out, hold them away from your body. Ask security to put your carrier through as soon as the cat is out so it will be ready after you are scanned. Once the cat is in the case and is almost completely zippered, remove the harness and leash for the cats comfort.
    I had always flown with my Arthur, who was well known on the Friday evening flight we always took. Excellent traveler. Not so lucky with Holly. I reached into her carrier, put the leash handle around my wrist opened the carrier and out she flew, nails extended digging into my chest and the left side if my face. She went up over my head leapt to the floor during which the leash slipped off my wrist. I shouted for someone to step on the leash but everyone seemed to be frozen. I was able to step on the leash myself, pick the cat up and walk through scanning.
    Had she not had the leash on, god only knows where she could have run.

  5. I do know that cats don't travel well. But neither do my dogs. So I just stay home...

  6. Thank you for the travel tips!
    I know my kitties like to stay home and hate travelling, but I sometimes wish they can travel with me to see things around :-)

  7. I don't want to travel or even contemplate any time inside a carrier, off to someplace unknown. My chapeau is off to those who don't mind shuffling off at a moment's notice.

    Julie says...she and her cat had to drive from Colorado to Pennsylvania in the dead of winter in a VW. She'll be ever grateful to the couple who helped her in Kansas when the battery died overnight.

    Thanks for the tips! (especially through security)


  8. I have traveled with a Cat before and know they really dont like it. I did have to let one sit on the dash for a while .. What we wont do.
    The need seat belts.:)