Friday, June 24, 2011

Feline Friday - Cooper & Ozzie

    He stretches 'til he just can't stretch no more
Cooper has the friendly gene and he's using it to the fullest. I love this guy and he loves me. He also loves everyone else. There is so much love and charm in this cat that it could be divided up between all 97 that sit at our local shelter presently and  they could then advertise.....ALL CATS HERE ARE FRIENDLY.

It has shown through studies that if the paternal cat of a litter is friendly then that gene is passed on to the kittens. It is known as 'the friendly gene.'  It goes without saying that the amount of handling of the kittens is crucial in providing happy, social kittens to the adopters. But sometimes the kittens are not socialized all that well and still you may end up with extremely friendly cats. When you see that the theory of the friendly gene being passed on seems to make more sense.

Now, if they have a 'goof-ball' gene then Cooper's housemate, Ozzie most likely had that passed on. I love him to pieces, too.
I have a busy weekend ahead. Hope you do too! is our local shelter. Take a look at what they have.

hugs, Deb


  1. Awww...what a big sweetie...stretching right up to hug you.....and Ozzie is just as cute and looks very friendly too......

  2. Love these cats! What cuties and wonderful to have the friendly gene! Have a great weekend Deb!

    PS I got my Birthday card...thank you and I love it!!

  3. I will hazard a guess that our Emily did not inherit this gene... I wish I could take them all.

  4. I just love the photos of these two! Both of my kitties have the friendly gene, and I'm thankful. They do have a fear of strangers but we are working on it.


  5. What a lovely photo! My Whiskers head-buts me so hard it hurts and Kitty flips over to show me her tummy every time I speak to her. They are both scared of strangers but I don't mind, they're not for sharing!

  6. he he - M says I gots the friendly gene. I loves everyone - always the first one at the door to greet visitors too.

  7. Love that look on Ozzie! They are both precious!


  8. I think the "friendly gene" must apply to humans, too! hehehe. I must have the friendly gene fur sure, but also the sassy gene!

    Hope all the kitties find loving, forever homes, Deb. It was so nice to meet Ozzie, Cooper and Johnny on the sidebar.

    Tom & Julie

  9. Your photo of Ozzie is gorgeous. You really have a way with photography. You've got some of the most beautiful cat pix I've ever seen. We see their beauty and personality. Lovely!!!
    What an amazing pose with Cooper. Love those little legs. Too cute! So there really is a friendly gene, then. My Hillary must have it. She's never met anyone of any species that she didn't like. Always kid about it. Never thought for a moment it might be real!