Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take time to STOP and smell the cat-food. I'll wait in this box

To the lady with thumbs: "The 4 of us don't think you're cooking much lately and we haven't seen you bake in.......forever. We are getting concerned."
"I presume you will eventually not have time to open cans?"
"For the sake of our welfare, I have taken the liberty to place an ad in the local paper for a new home for all of us."

"I'll sit in this box since it is International Box Day and
I expect the phone will start ringing any minute now."
"How will they resist?"

hugs, 4  frail, forgotten waifs


  1. Well now... you just have to love a kitty that just sits nicely while the human plays 'dress up' and photo shoot don't you?

    I hope mom cooks up something nice. How could she resist after that plea. ;)

    Enjoy playing in the box!
    xo Catherine

  2. Poor babies...Mom has been busy hasn't she! Love the photos!

  3. Ha! too cute. Now, I know mom isn't going to let her babies go hungry. But, you know how kitties are. Where's my food...right now!
    Sorry about the anonymous. Blogger isn't co-operating.
    jean (pilgrimscottage)

  4. Too cute! OK, you all can come live with me. purrr....meow!

  5. Naughty mama...neglecting her babies like that! Nice scarf though! ;D

  6. I wish they all had a home and the love they deserve.

  7. Hey, at least you got to play box day! Happy IBD to you!!!

  8. Happy International Box Day!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. I'd invite you over here by staff has been slacking around here too. What are we going to do about staff - we need to join forces to train them better.

  10. OMC the photos here are just too adorable for words!! The photo with the hat and the one with the green scarf are just priceless!
    Trust me, if YOUR kitties ever left, they would be right back because they would soon learn that they had just left Kitty Nirvana!!!

  11. Awwww,,, How Cute ~

    Geesh! Dat waz da mom!, how cute owr bippy! she'z nefer inside anymore, efur since it got nice owtside ...... we lucky we get fed!
    We Totally understand your plight ^..^
    Purrz Y'all ~

  12. oohhhhh, look at that face! I would pay to kiss that nose RIGHT NOW!!