Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Preferred snacks

I cut back my peppermint herbs today and added some to my favorite tea.

Chamomile is my #1, go-to beverage and I like to add lemon balm or peppermint to highten the flavor.

I know...another tea-cup. "Please, someone lock those shop doors."

This one is from Longton, England made by Taylor and Kent
                                                          Another little piece of art.

I actually watched a whole movie last night without having to get up and check on the shenanigans of Audrey. Why? Because she found a moth under the lamp and was mesmerized for an eternity.

LaterI snacked on cake and tea...Audrey had MOTH.

If you have introduced a new cat to a resident cat or cats in your home,  I would love to hear from you on how you went about it and the results. This is always a big issue and it can often stop people from adding another cat to the household. There are many ways to make the transition. Some people go very slow with the introduction and other's go with the attitude..."sink or swim, kitty." Let's hear how it worked for you. Thanks.

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hugs, Deb


  1. I have 9 cats in the house. We started with 2 then added slowly. There are only two males, both neutered, that hate each other but everyone survives with reprimanding every now and then. The two males search each other out for conflict, but one of us usually steps in and referees then they part ways until the next go-around. Otherwise, it is like living with 9 three-year olds. There is always someone picking on someone else, but they soon get over it and forget about it. Life is good.

  2. I like your new teacup and laughed out loud when I read "lock those shop doors". Boy, can I relate!!!! I've been sort of a sink or swim person with my kitties and have been lucky. I also have made sure there was someplace for the kitty to hide if the going got a little difficult....usually by leaving out a small pet carrier, with a nice blanket inside. Just have two now ... Miss Cassie (coming up on two years at Chez Twisty) and Teddy is (shock) 8. Sometimes I think about adding another ... seems like I've always had at least 3 kitties, but we all get along so well together --- even in bed!!!!!

  3. Hi Deb! Getting back into more visiting in Blogland after a few busy project weeks! Love your new cup - keep those shop doors open because, just like cats, teacups need good homes, too! Just got back from retreat and posted all about it - trying to photograph my journals and teacup without my Emma and Copperfield getting in the shot was impossible - so, they are part of the composition and it is actually very appropriate. No tea drinking or book reading or journal writing happens in my house that my cats are not in the middle of it!

  4. I love 'kitten' shenanigans! They are so entertaining! I'm hoping to hear some good stories about bringing in another cat. If I end up taking my Mom's cat into my home we have a problem. He loves to be outdoors, won't use a litter box and is use to ruling the roost. Not sure how I could handle this with my own Charlie being an indoor cat only. Maybe Mom can keep him with her....I hope so! hugs, Linda

  5. oh how are youngest 2 love them a good moth to chase around..little stinkers..when we bring in a new kitty..we just let them work it out and supervise when it might get a bit heated till the dust settles..:)

  6. I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but I'm sure glad I did!--I love cats and love your kitty pics as well.

    In the past when I've introduced cats I kept the newest in a separate room for quite some time (with frequent visits for love and attention of course.) And then I found that my resident cat would become curious about what's in the room and they would get used to each other. Then slowly we would allow them to be around each other.

    I have to say though that the last time I did it, it didn't work so well. Things seemed to be going fine and then around a year later they decided they didn't like each other anymore. Thankfully we lived in a tri-level house and one of the cats was really old and couldn't jump or climb anymore so we gated off the levels and they lived separately for a couple of years until the older cat passed on. He lived to be 18 and I still miss him terribly.....

  7. Your new teacup is very pretty! The cat is adorable and dines on the same thing my English Retriever prefers...flying insects! Very cute!

  8. Audrey is so photogenic and your such a good photographer..... I always love your cat pictures!

  9. I was lucky when I brought Brulee into the house because Truffle was still a kitten. After the first couple of days, they were the best of friends. I admit I stayed in the room with them the whole time the first couple of days, but they were fine.

  10. Great pictures of velvety Audrey moth hunting. Yes, my cat eats moths too. And what a good time he has chasing them first. He'll carry it ever-so-gently in his mouth to an open space and put it down to play with. I don't have any good advice on introducing new cats. When I brought Nick home as a kitten our other cat, Emma, hissed at him so I kept them apart. Big mistake. I spent 8 years keeping two cats apart when they probably could have gotten along if I had worked at it.


  11. I've come to really enjoy lemon balm in my tea. You introduced it a while back and what a find it was! The only thing I knew about it was that cats hated it.
    I have adopted many elderly cats as well as handicapped cats. My group tends to be very blasé
    When a new kitty comes home. You can almost see it on their faces " Oh new cat. Been there, done that. Yawn. ". I last brought a elderly, deaf cat home and none of my guys even got out of their beds! New cat always gets a "safe room". But most are interested in the food I offer them on arrival. It makes me think of my Gran saying "When in doubt, offer food".

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