Monday, November 19, 2012

Come have a look.

Driving along the country roads, my mind was full of thoughts of my mother. Today would have been her 94th birthday. Not sad thoughts today; only happy and thankful memories. I wish I could pop in on her and give her a hug and share a big piece of fattening cake on her day. Of course, I wish that more than anything; so much so that it hurts to think about it. But life goes on, doesn't it. I have sweet memories and I had the best mother ever. I'll always miss her and today, with her in mind, I knew it would be a good day. I felt her presence.

An hours' drive and we arrived at a charming antique barn and shop next to a beautiful country home in Kemptville.  Equally charming was Karen, who was waiting for us, as we had exchanged emails.

I walked in and it was better than I ever imagined. I haggled but it was almost unneccessary as Karen was ready to bring down the price. Before deciding on the cupboard I had wandered around and saw an antique box with the Wilson's Tomatoes label  (Wilson being my maiden name) on it. I thought of my mom again and it made me grin. As I was paying for the cupboard I asked about the price of the box. Karen replied, "I'll throw that in with the cupboard."   "Could this day get any better?" I liked this girl.
 That's Rusty, the cat and Bo.

So, we loaded it up and home it came. Not a day too soon as I am behind in everything at home plus cat-sitting gets busy the rest of the week. We've been on the road hunting down a cupboard for three days now. I looked at approximately 8 cupboards and I can honestly say I got the best cupboard for the best price. Karen tells me it is about 100 years of age, came out of a farm-house in the Kemptville area and was owned only by two different women. They took good care of it. Now I love it and I'll do the same.

I have some re-arranging to do on the walls but just wanted to show you the cupboard.

 "Hey, I fit right in here."

Thanks for comin' along this weekend. I enjoyed your comments. Audrey and I will have fun with this. The retired-guy is happy, too. He's happy to be done with this and he says if I'm happy, he's happy. :)

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  1. what a great find, it looks wonderful and for the kind lady to throw in the extra, well that was very kind!

  2. It is beautiful Deb. I am glad she threw in the Wilson piece too.

  3. Deb it is perfect! I do think it's the best you've seen and now it's yours! well yours and Audrey's apparently! I am so glad you found this lovely cupboard on this special day.

    hugs, Linda

  4. Yay! You found a cabinet and it's beautiful! I love how the wood curves around the glass on the doors! You're going to have fun with this and so is kitty cat! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. Beautiful cupboard! And best of all Audrey approves!

  6. I love it!! It's really beautiful.

  7. It's so beautiful!
    Audrey approves of it to, I see =)
    They look very nice together.

  8. Good for you, Deb! (And good for Audrey, too!) It is very nice and I know you will enjoy it so much! I have had a great time coming along on your search for just the right one. And now you will always have the memory of bring it into your life on your Mother's Birthday. That will be very special.
    Love to you and all the kitties,
    Lily, WA, USA

  9. What a beautiful cupboard and it will always be tied to your mother's birthday! Only a cat would have to check out every square inch of any new piece in the house. ~ Maureen

  10. It's fantastic Deb!!!
    Know what? My hubbie would tell me exactly the same... grinnnnnnnnnnnnn...

    Have a lovely tuesday,


    B.T.W. It's 8:44 in the morning here...

  11. I love your new cupboard Deb, especially in white.
    You call it a step back cupboard, I'm not sure but it looks like what we would call a kitchen dresser, or maybe there is a difference.
    Can't wait to see the different arrangements you get together in it.

  12. What a great time, shopping in such interesting places for just the right cupboard. And it is just the right cupboard! Looks like the cat agrees.Just icing on the cake to get the extra treasures and some precious memories thrown in.

  13. You got a lovely cupboard and I know it will be a happy fit for your home. Looks like it got a cat seal of approval too. I do know what you mean about your mum as I feel that too. The box was maybe a sign.. Hugs GJ xx

  14. What a beautiful cupboard and how nice to get that Wilson's tomato box thrown into the deal. It was meant to be.


  15. You did it! How lovely it is! Thoroughly enjoyed the trip with you!

  16. I'm sure the tomato box was your Mum's way of saying that she led you to the perfect cupboard.
    It's lovely , and so is Audrey!
    Jane x

  17. I think you got a great cupboard! I liked this one the best of all. Seems Audrey approves too.

  18. Oh Deb, It's just beautiful and it looks so happy with all your white dishes in it. I had to scroll down and look at the pictures to see if you got it before I could read the text! And Audrey looks gorgeous on it. It's nice that she's given it her seal of approval, ha! Hang on to your wonderful memories of your mother; those you have for keeps and how special to feel her presence.


  19. Oh it's gorgeous, and wow, it looks right at home in your place.

    Too bad I don't live near by, there are more then a few things I would love to take a look at in those photos.


  20. I love that cupboard! Audrey seems to love it, too :)

  21. What a great day. YOu have such a beautiful home and such a great decor sense.

  22. What a lovely post. I would love for you to visit me and see the centerpiece at my Thanksgiving table. I am visiting you from Savvy Southern Style!

  23. YeeHaw! I like it and I see that it has Audrey's seal of approval!

  24. It's perfect! Love the way it looks with the wall colour. Also, the original colour of the piece popping through really seems to harmonize perfectly! As a previous poster said the Wilson box was a sign from your mum; a gift to you. On course, dear Audrey is sure her gran intended that special space for her.
    In the fourth photo down is the very chair I have
    been so wanting....(((sigh))).

  25. It's just perfect !
    What a gorgeous piece Deb, lots of room to display your cups and saucers, and all those lovely white jugs.
    Audrey seems to leave her mark on everything, she is such a sweet girl :)