Wednesday, November 28, 2012

some updates

It is dark before 5pm now. The ferals are given only dry food as the soft will freeze. I give them plenty and two different types. I hope they are ok and can stay warm, somewhere. I haven't seen one in a whole week now. I have no idea what time of day they venture out to eat but they are eating. Now that it has snowed I see their tracks. I pray every night for these cats.

I am almost finished bunny-sitting and have not as yet captured their cuteness for you. The little beggars are too quick and the pictures do not do them justice. I'll keep at it.
I spent a good while chasing after Boo last night as he was not ready to go back to his little condo when it was time for me to leave. I never knew how fast a rabbit can hop and how quickly they disappear as you try to scoop them up. They are masters at wedging themselves between furniture leaving it impossible to reach them. Eventually, he tired out and headed back to his home and jumped right in the cage. I was so happy that I actually treated him to an extra yogurt drop. I expect he'll do the same dang thing today now.

Months back I mentioned to you that our local animal shelter was in dire straits. They were not sure whether they would be able to keep their doors open to our stray and homeless animals in the new year.
I will be at a meeting tonight to hear the discussions on this very important matter.

Cali is doing well today. I stood over her  to watch her pee, yes I'll do that, and was surprised to see a normal amount. This is such a relief.  I guess the meds are doing the trick. I prefer the holistic route but sometimes the strong meds are the only way to go.

hugs, Deb


  1. I understand your concern for the ferals, our 'Daddy' still comes and has now been wormed and de-flead by us, I am at present dosing his food with cod liver oil to help with his mangy coat.
    I, like you often wonder just where he sleeps at night and sometimes can't bear to watch him feed as I am so concerned about him.
    There is no way he could ever be caught and actually I think he would be extremely unhappy in a cage of any kind.
    There is no way he would settle into a home so we continue to do the best we can for him.
    I'm always telling our 5 how lucky they are as they sit watching 'Daddy' eating his evening meal. lol

  2. Spey and neuter would go a long way in improving the feral situation. WHEN WILL PEOPLE LEARN???
    Jane x

    1. The Lanark area is awful for this. Too many irresponsible owners live here and now we are seeing problems with financing the only shelter in our area. It's rather bleek.

  3. You have a big heart. Any animal is lucky to cross paths with you. I laughed at the bunny chase, but that must get frustrating. Your hutch is so lovely and Christmasy. And Audrey is obviously doing well. Hope something can be worked out for the shelter and all those poor animals who need homes.


  4. glad to hear Cali is responding well to her med
    -hope the shelter manages OK
    (I love how you did the Christmas display at the tip of your blog =)

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  6. You should explain to these people that what they don't pay for the shelter, they'll be paying in municipal rates for the collection and disposal of all the strays. People are so short-sighted you'd think they were all politicians.

    As for making sure a cat urinates properly, I know about that. My Tucker's problems had me scrutinising the litter-boxes every time he visited one. I hope Cali improves to give her some more time with you.

  7. That's what mama's do...I'd watch Bailey urinate and defecate to make sure it was I said, no different than having a baby. I have Cali (BTW that was the name of my first kitty when I was a child!) in my prayers to continue to improve.
    I'm know there must be some feral cats around (just in the nature of human irresponsibility), but I have to say Washington is very good about offering free neutering, spading, and taking care of abandoned animals. Still, you're right, too many people who just "drop off" animals into the wild.
    Love the cupboard and the Christmas decorating, XOXO

  8. I too worry about the ferals. We don't have many in our neighborhood now that we have taken in Mr Toes! Glad to hear Cali is doing better! Hugs, Linda

  9. Nice Christmas banner! That hutch already looks like it's been your's forever. Glad Cali is feeling so much better and you'll have her with you for the holiday season!

  10. Hope Cali continues to improve. Bunny sitting sounds so fun!

  11. Your Christmas banner is very classy and cozy looking.
    I am so relieved Cali is better. The vets here in the south USA also use the antibiotic she got. Two of ours have needed it and responded well with no more problems with infections. It is pricey here though. I continue to believe our love and TLC go a long way in treatment.
    Your ferals will be in my prayers.
    Good luck with your meeting. Surely a solution can be found.
    You are such an angel to so many cats.

  12. Nice photos ! Glad to hear Cali is doing ok . Yes bunnies are quick little things hence the phrase quick as a bunny lol ! I do hope your local shelter can figure something out to stay open for all those poor stray animals .

  13. Good news about Cali ... hope it continues. Your new cupboard is looking good as is your new header! Happy Happy Holidays!!!!!

  14. You have such a big heart, Deb. We've cared for many ferals over the years. We did spay the two mamas and the numbers have greatly decreased (in our area anyway). Glad Cali is doing better. My best to you and your family and kitties.

  15. That is wonderful news that the antibiotic helping is helping Cali! I am so happy for all of you.
    I looked up Azodyl and then asked our Vet. about it for our little kitty. He said that he was recently at a seminar and that rather than Azodyl, the specialist recommended Epikatin instead. Don't know! But we are going to try them both, one at a time.
    Really hoping your local shelter can do something to stay in the business of helping such needy little animals. Blessings on you all who are involved.
    Lily, WA, USA

  16. Good news about dear Cali. I am taking our foster Tulip into the vet's (again) on Friday. She is getting so thin and it seems her thyroid meds are always needing adjusting.It's tough when they get old. We have to enjoy them while they are with us :)
    Fingers crossed that your local shelter is able to stay open...

    the critters in the cottage xo

  17. How do you manage to display so many 'pretties' and have china other than behind closed cupboard doors? I've nearly given up on anything breakable as our cats do not know the meaning of "Get Down!" The three boy kittens parade along the buffet, sit on the sink edge to watch me do dishes--obviously we didn't start their training soon enough. Its a bit like 'toddle-proofing' a space--except the cats can climb!
    We are now caring for 13 cats, 7 of whom were castaways--it is so frustrating that those who abuse, abandon, dump off animals aren't reached by any sort of appeal to compassion or responsibility.

  18. Nice of you to feed the homeless ones. Cute pictures.