Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wilson's Tomatoes

 The sun-puddles are being appreciated on this cold November day. The cats follow them around until 1pm where they settle. In these photos, I'm sitting on the floor emptying out a drawer from the old cupboard.
I have an audience, as usual.  How do we collect so much junk?  I like what Oprah always said.."Only keep the things that bring you joy." I'm on that path. Audrey finds me fascinating.

"You look younger from up here."
"Zip it, Audrey."

"She bores me to tears."

I filled the Wilson's Tomatoes box with branches from our tree in the yard. It's a little big for this table but I like it and will leave it there for awhile, at least until the Santas come out . Audrey will be spittin' for days if she tries to eat it.

It's kind of fun finding a little treasure that has your family name on it. Even half a label is pretty exciting.
I can't complain, I got it for FREE. "Thank's Karen."
 "Oh, comes trouble."
One bite and she backed off. I tell ya, she's no dummy.

She seems satisfied to give it the 'death stare'.

I was given instructions today to care for a beautiful tuxedo cat that is diabetic and needs 2 insulin shots daily. She is a sweetheart and I am sure all will go fine. She lives with 3 other beauties who have a life that all cats dream of. Very loved.
I enjoyed spending time with Dominique today. Some of my kitty-clients are so special to me as they have been in my care for years now. Dominique is one of them. We go waaaaaay back....
Carrots and lettuce are bagged up as a little treat for my bunnies this week. I promise to photograph them.
Candles are lit for all my American friends as they celebrate a Happy & Peaceful Thanksgiving.

I'm joining for HOME.
hugs, Deb


  1. Deb I love your Wilson box and how wonderful it looks on your table! I'll be bringing out the Santa's soon myself! Enjoy your cat sitting this week~ Hugs, Linda

  2. Your table display is lovely and looks great in your dining room!
    I have quite a fondness for wooden boxes and I think the label adds a wonderful touch to yours :-)

  3. Your new cupboard looks great and I love your Wilson Tomato box on your table. Audrey is a smart little lion and chief executive helper! Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. Hugs---

  4. The Wilson's box looks lovely. If you added some vintage santas it would make a very charming Christmas season centerpiece.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving and blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse!

  6. Audrey looks a little bit like my Max. Especially the profile. She's beautiful!

  7. Do you know there is a cat on your table? I always feel I have to point that out in case you don't know they get up there. The Wilson box is perfect in that spot! ~ Maureen

  8. Hello Deb,
    I do enjoy your kitty tales. I like the tomato box; looks great and I bet it smells nice too with the evergreen branches in it. Thanks for sharing at my HOME and have a wonderful weekend, my friend.


  9. What a lovely collectable and the evergreens look perfect on your table. (BTW, that cupboard is pretty spectacular!) Audrey has such a personality and I love her antics!

  10. How awesome that the diabetic cat and her parents have you to care for her at home - an experienced shot giver for diabetes! That is priceless for them all, I am sure! Bless you!
    Love the Wilson box and bows!
    And Audrey sure does have some great lines to deliver here in your blog! Wonder how she thinks of them!
    Love to you on our Thanksgiving. Thanks for lighting the candles!
    Lily, WA, USA

  11. It's good you have "supervision" for those important jobs! I wonder if Audrey has some Egyptian in her blood, she didn't get that aristocratic nose from her mom.