Monday, November 12, 2012

TEA for me...ESS for cats.

The wind was howling tonight. We have had very warm weather the last 2 days but tonight it feels like it's about to change. After dinner I headed out to feed the ferals and Kane was walked a little early so I could call it a night.  I have a chest cold and I'm beat. A good cup of chamomile tea was in order.

While I watch tv, these two entertain each other in their own way.

This can go on for quite some time until mom gets mad at the youngster.
Then mom will bite her bum and it's all over.

They sure do love the ESS cat- scratcher. I suggest this as a gift for Christmas for a cat in your life.
Sierra loves it. 
They are well made and if you rub cat-nip on it, even better. I don't think Audrey needs cat-nip so they go 'all natural'.
The ESS cat-scratcher can be found in most pet stores.

My friend, Susan from ready to start our afternoon walks again. I have missed having her along as she was busy planning a wedding for her daughter and entertaining more family from Alberta. Her twin grand-babies stayed with her for 3 weeks and she was in nona-heaven.  Today she was back to normal and ready to walk.

It's that time of year to pull out the warmer clothes and accessories. My Fall purse was a cream colour, which just won't do for winter, so it was time to start using my black one from last year.  When I opened it,  it was full of little chocolates. Hershey kisses & an assortment of all my miniature favorite bars lined the bottom of the purse.  No, there is no chocolate fairy here. I just forgot to clean out my purse. See ladies...this is why I need two walks a day. :)

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hugs, Deb


  1. I have been wanting to get one of those for our kitties!

    Do you have any experience with FIP? One of our kittens we rescued and my daughter adopted has it and it is breaking all our hearts. Poor little guy--I wish there was some miracle cure. He is 6 months old.

  2. I had one of those cat scratchers but mine never used it for anything other than sleeping on. The one they use is a 2 X 4 covered in carpet and falling apart. I'm afraid to fix it in case they won't use it any more! ~ Maureen

  3. My cats use for pedicure or the oriental rugs (grrrrr) or the trees outside which is good, lol! We also have a cat tower to scratch on, but nobody uses it !

  4. Thank you for the recommendation on the ESS cat scratcher! I have several different scratchers set out, but my cat only uses one. I'll have to try the ESS.

  5. Duly noted about the cat scratcher if I ever get another cat. Bailey was always good about using his and never scratched at our furniture. I've had friends and even my sister remove the front claws of kitties, but I would NEVER do that.
    I did love the idea of a Chocolate Faerie and hoped they do exist:-D

  6. My cats have a scratcher like that and they love it! They still scratch the furniture from time to time though, ugh.