Saturday, November 17, 2012

I spy & short for Tornado

I spy with my little eye
Sierra's favorite toy is a feather, any feather, preferably on the end of a wand.

Audrey? Nooooo.......
This is Tori, short for Tornado.
An armful of LOVEY-DOVE

although he is not so keen on being picked up and only tolerated it for a moment. He loves his tummy rubbed and his favorite toy is a feather on a wand .
We hit it off from the get-go and now his owner is home and I'm going to miss him.

 Here he is waiting for me to turn on the tap. What cat doesn't love that?
Such a sweet 'ol guy at 11years of age. Still plays like a kitten.
"Take care, Tory. Hope your mom likes to travel 'a lot'.  So happy to add you to my long list of kitty-clients."

hugs, Deb


  1. I love your photo of Sierra--golden light to intensify her gorgeous eyes =)
    Tori looks like an armful of love bug

  2. Tori is a sweet kitty. Were you cat sitting? I must have missed a post. Cute shots, love your kitties.

  3. Owww so so so sweet post....lovely sunday !!

  4. So cute! And I just LOVE his name! So clever :)

  5. What a beautiful, sweet boy. You are the Cat Whisperer:-D

  6. Hello there, beautiful boy.
    What a treat it is to rub a kitty tummy! And Tory looks like his fluffy tummy would be too delightful!
    Kisses to you, Sierra.