Friday, November 30, 2012

Keeping busy is the best medicine.

I know it's best to keep busy when you have sadness in your heart. I am so thankful for my five remaining cats and to have the job of caring for other owner's cats as I fill my days going house to house. I have four beautiful cats to care for today and one is diabetic with two insulin shots given daily. She is a sweet-heart and lovingly allows me to do my work.
That is, of course, if she has her treats first.

I am so touched by all that you have said about dear little Cali and your heart-felt condolences. I wanted to share this photo of her when she was 3 months old. You can see that she was quite the character and loved to join in even when I washed the dishes. She had so much to tell me.

She was an indoor-outdoor cat for 16 years but spent all her time in our yard enjoying the changing seasons.

I wish I could thank each and everyone of you personally for your comments. They really helped me although I cried after reading each one. Tears are healing, though. She will be missed every day for a very long time. Even her yowling at night is missed,  if you can believe that. It will take a long time to accept that she is gone but I know we did what had to be done. At dinner time the cats always gather around for a plate of something special while we eat. The absence of Cali joining them, yowling her approval while sending the hair standing up on the back of your neck,  tears me apart but I know, in time, it will be ok. Thank you again.

The Lanark Animal Welfare Society meeting Wednesday night went well, in general. There were a few out-bursts and it went over-time but, in all,  I came away feeling better about their future. Some of the towns will be paying more money for their pound contracts in the new year. Pound contracts bring in 50% of the animals to this shelter. The other half are give-ups. Fundraising will continue for them and the staff at the shelter have all taken a wage cut. There will be news articles with the latest from the meeting and I will keep you posted on their situation in the next few months. So, for now, our home-less cats and dogs will have a place to go where they will be cared for and given a second chance at a good life. We have adopted
Mr. Ed, Annie and Audrey from this shelter. And years back we adopted Sassy who passed away sometime ago at the age of 17. All beautiful cats who needed homes. We will always support the Lanark Animal Shelter and hope the best for them.

We will gather as a family  tomorrow to celebrate my youngest daughter, Allie's, 26th birthday. She, too, is very sad at the loss of our Cali. Allie was only seven when we found this little kitten with her siblings in a box in a ditch.  Can you even imagine this?  All three of the kids were on the phone with me yesterday and we shared some tears. Allie's partner, Jon and my son-in-law, Mike also have birthday's coming up very soon so we decided we will celebrate them all together this weekend.  "Keep busy, eat fattening food, shop"'s a voice in the back of my head. We'll have some fun memories of this crazy cat to share at the dinner. "God, I miss her so much."
Sunday we are all going to get our trees at the tree-farm across the road from our home.
Riley will love this and then hot chocolate..of course! It's a busy time of year.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the picture of Cali on your shoulder. Their curiosity knows no bounds!

  2. One day the raw pain will cease and then memories will fill the gap in your heart.
    Thinking of you.
    Jane x

  3. That is a precious picture of you and baby Cali. I hope the good memories help heal the pain of losing her. You gave her the best life a little kitty could imagine. The love she gave back to you will live in your heart forever.
    Have a wonderful birthday celebration with your daughter and your other family members.

  4. I so enjoyed seeing the photo of Cali on your shoulder. She was such a cute kitten! She had a wonderful 19 years here and was a very lucky girl to have you in her life. You are still in my thoughts and prayers! Hang in there :)

  5. The picture of Cali on your shoulder is proof that the two of you bonded right away. That bond will remain. When I lose one of mine, it helps me to write a goodbye letter to him/her. Writing helps me to put it all in a perspective that honors all I remember from the very first days. I have made a donation in her memory to a shelter. Take care of yourself.

  6. Dear Deb,
    I am sending you gentle hugs and much understanding. I hope that the verse from Romans 8:19-22 might be of comfort and helpful to you. I sent you an email last August that talked about it and how I believe that it says all creation is waiting patiently for their future.
    Cali was so blessed to have you as her Mom. I am so very, very glad you found her and her siblings. That was a wonderful thing for her.
    Thank you for sharing her photos with us. I have been blowing her kisses today as I do with all of my own when they go safely home.
    Sending you much love,
    Lily, WA, USA

  7. Deb, Cali was so very blessed to have you all as her family for so many years!! Your home is certainly a testament to the longevity of your fur family!! I feel your pain of loss...we lost our Tigger after 18 years and she used to yowl at night as well..that first night of silence in the house was unbearable! May the coming days surrounded by your two and four legged family bring you many happy memories of Cali! Prayers and thoughts to you during this time.


  8. such a wonderful way to heal the hurt, all your family can gather to remember the lovely kitty, like a memorial service, have a good weekend, even though your heart is still hurting there is still so much to be happy for, all the wonderful memories for one thing, and all the memories to come,

  9. Dear Deb, I don't know if this would be of interest to you but I take a little footprint of my cats that pass. I use Crayola Model Magic clay which is lightweight and does not stick. My vet makes keepsake footprints for the cats that they help across the bridge. I make them for those that pass at home.
    I may not look at the little print for a while, but after the hurt subsides, I cherish these little momentos.

  10. Oh, Deb......I just caught up with your blog....I am so, so sorry.
    No one loves cats like you do, and you must know that your little Cali had the best momma ever, and the best life you could give her.
    It's ok to cry, our love for our pets who have left us keeps them with us always.

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  12. Oh I'm sorry that you have so recently lost one of your precious kitties. She does look like such a love. Saying goodbye is never easy....wishing you well.

  13. I am so sorry to read about Cali. Went thru the same thing with my 20 year old cat last week. When I was reading Cali's symptons, I realized my cat had some of the same one (howling in the night which started about a year ago). Again, I am so sorry and my prayers are with you and your family.

    Your blog is a treat and my day is not complete unless I have read your post.

    Hugs and prayers to you and your family!

  14. Your photos of Cali are so sweet =)
    I love the one of her on your shoulder.
    Have a lovely visit with your family this weekend.
    Sending my continued thoughts and prayers

  15. Oh, Deb...I am so sorry! I am just now seeing this! I hurt for you because I know what a big hole our fur babies leave in our hearts when they are gone. is nice to have multiple kitties to help comfort you...although there is only one Cali. They are wonderful little gifts from God and we are lucky to get to have them in our lives for whatever time they give us. I am sending special hugs to you and your family tonight...Hugs..Debbie

  16. Oh my, I'm sorry to hear about Cali. I guess I've been away for awhile as I didn't realize she was ailing. I just went back and caught up on your posts. It seems you both gave each other many gifts over the years, what a beautiful relationship. You gave her such a wonderful life by saving her from the ditch. I'm glad you are letting yourself feel the loss of her absence, grieving may be emotionally unpleasant but it is so honoring of the beauty of the relationship. Purrs and prayers to you all.

  17. Sweet hugs and love from everyone here at 44. I still miss my sweet boy but time does heal. Lots and lots of purrfect memories.
    Enjoy your tree cutting and hot chocolate!

  18. I am so sorry...I know how bad this feels. Sending you some special hugs tonight and wishing your daughter a Happy Birthday! Sweet hugs, Diane

  19. Love the photos of Cali! It is never easy to lose a pet. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  20. Cali was a beautiful cat, and what a darling kitten! Love that pic of her on your shoulder! You have 19 years of memories to cherish. I find that over time the soreness is replaced by a warmth in remembering these fur angels and the love and joy and laughter they brought to us. May that be true for you, Deb. Enjoy your celebrations. My oldest daughter is 26 and is expecting her first baby in March. Happy celebrating, and let the tears come too. It's essential to grieve.


  21. Hi Deb: I'm so sorry to read about your little Cali. I know how special she was to you. I am having a hard time keeping up with everyone so I don't always get around at the right time, but I'm so sorry for your loss and for the hard time going through her illness. One of our old cats many years ago had kidney failure and we found out that he was licking the furniture when I used Liquid Gold on it. He evidently loved the taste of it but it ruined his kidneys. So sad and I wasn't even aware of it..You will love her always and it will get easier to accept as time goes on. I look at our poor little Buddy and see his cloudy eyes, white face and how hard it is for him to get up sometimes, and just dread the day, but we love him lots all the time, and he returns the favor. That's all you can do..Judy

  22. Oh, so sorry to read about your loss of Cali .Is always a hard time to loss a pet.. every cat is speciaal...

  23. You are so blessed to have a family showing their love for both you and Cali. And if you need to "keep busy, eat fattening food, and shop" then Christmas-time just fills the bill! With new memories of Bradley's first Christmas to help offset the sad thoughts of Cali.

    Marty C

  24. I know this feeling..just deeply sad at saying goodbye to a darling that you have shared your life with for so many years. As I have said before, you are an angel on earth for loving these kitties....I know that someday, they will all be waiting for us..what comfort that brings....blessings to sweet Cali...forever in many hearts.

  25. I agree that keeping busy helps the heart heal. The photo of Cali on your shoulder is so sweet. I remember Charlie being such a little guy! Your hearts will always hold onto her! Enjoy the Birthday celebrations! Big Hugs, Linda

  26. Deb, I'm so sorry about Cali. Those little darlings take over our hearts and make it so hard when they leave. Our thoughts are with you and your family.