Monday, November 12, 2012

One more

It will soon be time to get out the Christmas muffins cups. 

and the holiday cook books

and brew a pot of holiday tea.
The Christmas music is already playing but the Christmas ribbons will again have to be kept out of reach.
'cause someone has not quite grown up yet.
"PLEASE AUDREY, be good this Christmas." (ah..what's the point?)

Time to start collecting woodland creatures.

 And tuck them safely in the cupboard for now.
 We have plans for them.

 The little trees are always the first to appear.
 and the little fir trees are placed on the buffet.

There are so many reasons I love Christmas.
                           And now I can think of one more.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh yes yes yes! The joy of pulling out the Christmas decorations and looking at all the lovely decorations that you haven't seen for almost a year. I love it. Five more sleeps and my decorations go up! I have been listening to Christmas music for a couple weeks now.

    Sweet photo of the grankids. So cute!
    xo Catherine

  2. Your cupboard is lovely. I must get my Thanksgiving menu planned and food purchased this week.

  3. What a lovely blog.A sweet picture from your beautifull grand children.Every time i look at a picture from Audrey i completely melt!!

  4. Deb I always enjoy getting out my Christmas decorations and the memories they bring. That is such a beautiful photo of your Grands! It will be a wonderful Christmas this year, I can feel it!
    hugs, Linda

  5. That is one of the nicest grandchild photos I've ever seen! So sweet. I'm pulling my thoughts together on Christmas, starting today. Mine will probably be pretty rustic and natural this year. Love you woodland animals! ~ Maureen

  6. Oh squeeeeee! What a touching and beautiful pic of the grands!
    I've got so much Christmas "junque" but what your blog has shown me is that I am drawn to all of your little trees. They just give me a good feeling. But of course your phenomenal decorating skill might have something to do with it.
    Audrey's little face is becoming more and more expressive.. She looks like she's about to speak in words at any moment!

  7. What a precious photo of those grands--truly another reason to look forward to Christmas this year. Love the "Father Christmases". I collect them and will take some photos to post so you can see--we just have so much in common, don't you think!

  8. It's almost time! I always make myself wait until after Thanksgiving. But in December it's on!

  9. Bradley and Riley are just beautiful. How special they make Christmas! I like your Santa on the door, and your deer. The tea looks good too, Deb. I look forward to seeing more as your decorations go up, and the cats become intrigued :-)

  10. What a sweet photo of your grandchildren =)
    If Audrey were good life wouldn't be nearly as interesting!