Sunday, November 18, 2012

Still lookin'

Annie tries out every bed in the house every day. She likes to be 'cool' so she's a 'top of the covers' kinda cat. Audrey is a cave-dweller. Her favorite place to be is under-cover.
She is so smart though. She knows that if she doesn't stick her paw out someone is apt to drop by and sit right on her head.

 I think her biggest concern is the dog since this happens to be one of his sleeping areas.
And believe it or not, if Kane sees that paw sticking out... he just walks on by.

Audrey 1     Kanie 0 

Well, the cupboard I went to look at was not quite what I thought and the owner refused to budge on the price. I still like it but decided to look at one more in Kemptville (one and a half hour drive) ...
It is Pine. 
It has all original hardware and glass. The owner painted it so it is not old paint but that's ok. So far, it is the least expensive of the 4 I have looked at. I'll take a drive and see it in person. If I like it, I'll haggle a bit.
Keep you posted.  
hugs, Deb


  1. Truffle and Brulee don't sleep under the covers yet. Sweet Praline used to love to sleep under the covers at my feet.

  2. What a great looking cupboard. You could really have fun fixing it up! Enjoy the week ahead and your sweet kitties!

  3. I love all those pots!!!!Beautiful cupboard,

  4. Isn't it wonderful how they all have their own personalities? And that cupboard filled with your pots -- amazing and beautiful!

  5. That is one gorgeous would keep me awake if it was close by...

  6. I really like that cupboard. Good luck! The paw protruding is the smartest thing ever. ~ Maureen

  7. What a clever little monkey miss Audrey is. Pops likes to be on top of the covers, and only manages less than a minute if she climbs underneath.

  8. Ooooh! Love that cupboard! Very rustic and antiquey!

    Audrey is such an amazing cat! ALL cats are smart, but she seems to have an extra dose of brains. Zip and I just love when you post 'Audrey Antics'!

  9. Bailey loved when I was making a bed and jumped right in the middle; I'm anxious to see what Rosie will do. I'm loving this painted cupboard--looks very shabby chic! I can really see your beautiful china inside, XOXO

  10. I'm enjoying your search for your cupboard. Good luck! Petra is a beauty. (Catching up on posts).

  11. I am looking for a cupboard too. I like that she has terracotta pots in this one. It may take me a long time to find one at the rate I am going.

  12. That is one beauty cupboard....I am hoping that you find one at a good price, because I have seen what you can do with a little china cupboard, imagine a bigger one.

    We started feeding the Boo a late night snack, which made it oh around 4 smaller meals a day now...that was so he would sleep through the night past his original 2 am wake up call, when the seagulls woke him up.

    Now he demands that we go to bed at 10 pm, and get up at 5 am....that's when Gar goes running. So if Gar skips a day, everything goes into paws, and he is pretty annoyed with his servants.


  13. Thats a great cupboard, I like it better than the one yesterday. I have an antique top that through the years got separated from its bottom, doesnt have glass in the doors though so isnt the best for china. Always on the search for a bottom. Good luck!