Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting to know them

I had a busy few days cat-sitting new kitties and getting to know them. This is always my favorite part of being a full-time cat-sitter. Each and every cat is different and it is always a unique experience getting to know one. When I first approach a 'new client' I always go down to their level and give them the top of my hand to sniff. The cat then has a moment to address your presence in their space and is not so shocked at you arriving and being in their face.

In this photo taken a few years back, I am saying hello to Rosie and letting her have time to get used to me being in her home.

Most cats do take to the cat-sitter immediately because they know where their bread is buttered. Some are a little shy and may want to watch you prepare their meal and go about your business from across the room or like Lucky, from under the table.
 It doesn't last long, though. By day two, kitty is usually looking for attention and letting you stroke her and if you're lucky, play with her. Of course, there are also cats that are 'in your face'  the moment you arrive and want you to stay 'forever'. Like Simba, for instance. He loves me with all his Abyssinian heart and the feeling is mutual.
They are all wonderful and the experience of getting to know them is why I do what I do.

I carry a 'cat bag' of goodies to each home and before long the cat gets to know what treasures may lie within. It's like a toy box to a child and there is always a toy or two for them to try out. On the last visit they get to keep one. Fair enough.

So that's a little about my cat-sitting service. I'm once again filling up the cat-bag for a very busy Christmas season. The season starts in November as people travel to see family early and then return to have Christmas at home. Also some are heading south now as the cold winds blow in Ontario.

The retired guy is putting on the winter tires tomorrow and I'll be all set to hit the roads no matter what the weather. Camera in bag....ready to go. It's going to be fun.

Years back, I had a dog biscuit business.
 Along with filling shelves in stores with doggy delights I tried to make cat treats, too. I hit the wall many times with 'flops' as my cats would just turn up their fastidious noses and walk away. One of my cats actually did the 'cover the poop' motion when I handed her a tuna treat. They were just gosh-darn ungrateful. One treat did seem to get the kitty's two paws up. They were salmon treats and this is all it was. I opened a can of salmon, added a bit of flour and cat-nip, rolled this out on a cookie sheet, baked in the oven at 300 for 30 minutes, let cool and snap off little pieces to be kept in the cat's cookie jar. They were gobbled up. So if you are looking for something natural and don't want to pay the price at your local pet store, try this. I worked hard at this for 8 years and sold the business in 2010. Now I am doing what I really love.

Off to the country, see ya!

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb,
    The package came yesterday afternoon! WOW!!! Was it ever exciting! The kitties loved it and so did I. It took Isabel about 5 seconds to have her head in the box digging out the mousies. I don't think she had any intention of sharing them!
    I love the peeping felines mug! And the tiny mousie faces!
    Thanks so much!!!
    I'll have pictures of the action on my blog shortly.

  2. Doing what you love is important and seeing all your kitty clients, I know they love you chose them too!

  3. The salmon treats sounds wonderful. I might try them. How much flour did you add? Do you recall? Was there any water or did you rely on the salmon for that?

  4. I know I have said this before but you have THE best job!!!!!! Those kitty snacks sound amazing!!

  5. I'd love to make them but the smell of fish makes me throw up.
    Jane x

    1. Then you would throw-up, that's for sure. :(

  6. Those cat friends of yours are sure very handsome, all of them! What a brilliant idea for the cat treats too. Must try that, ours are nuts about salmon. Mrs Black has been reading your blog and wants you to come and cat sit her. But I suppose England is just a wee bit far away for you. (hee hee) x

  7. Homemade cat treats sound great! Of course, Truffle and Brulee can be quite finicky at times, but they tend to love treats.

  8. Interesting to hear more about your business and past experience. Happy for you that you get to do what you love!

  9. I loved hearing about your business. Anything having to do with cats is interesting! We love 'em :)

  10. I's like to try to make the salmon treats but I'm not one of those people who can logic out recipes.
    The treats sound so nice and healthy.

  11. Hello...I agree it's so important to introduce yourself gently to new kitties ! my latest stray that has moved in is rather deaf and so I have to be extra careful when I approach him not to give him a scare !! he's quite old I think but so lovely ...Gail x

  12. Well what kitty wouldn't want a nice lady like you with a bag full of kitty treats visiting them! LOL!
    Looks like you have a few new sweeties to look after.
    Have fun!
    xo Catherine