Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Living peacefully

Late, in the kitchen, pondering what to eat.

Cinnamon raison bread is one of my all-time favorite snacks.
While waiting for the toast to pop, I watched Audrey place herself next to sleeping Sierra. A friendship has been building between them.
Audrey needs to be loved by another feline and her mom, Annie loses patience with her. So,she is drawn mostly to Sierra. Audrey always wears the look of caution, though, when she first approaches. She will not look her in the eye.

Sierra stretches and shows off her claws.

"Holy...that's not helping", thinks Audrey.

 Sierra is aging and changing. She is now 11. Years back she would never have allowed such a thing.
I see that she, too,  is comforted by the closeness of another cat. This is all good.
                                                                   All is calm.
 It will be a long winter ahead. I appreciate that all the animals in our home live peacefully together although some prefer to nap alone .

where SHE is not supposed to.

hugs, Deb


  1. Owww so sweet and calm....sleep

  2. Wouldn't life be soo boring with out animals around ? Lovely photos . Have a good day !

  3. oooh so sweet, I love how you explain their personalities to us, it helps us understand them better, they are lovely, our cats all lived to 18 years or over, we had two that lived into their twenties, we were truly blessed.Only one of seven cats in our family lefts us early,

  4. But that sunshine feels oh so good! Sweet hugs!

  5. Wonderful pictures, Deb, they really tell a story. Audrey's face is always so expressive. And I love that last picture of Annie sleeping on the table. Cats will be cats!


  6. We have one girl whose twin died when she was six,she is now twelve and has recently developed a relationship with two cats makes my heart sing that she is happy.
    Kisses for all.
    Jane x

  7. Bonjour Deb!

    Thanks for dropping by. I have visited you before and must add you to my sidebar since I forget how to get to blogs otherwise.Duh. I have some of your weaknesses.Blue and white antique plates are one my favourite things as are cats :) All of yours are lovely!
    I'll drop by again :)

    LP and the critters in the cottage xo

  8. So sweet =)
    Annie found a sunbeam--it should not go to waste!

  9. I just love Annie! She has developed a soft look on her beautiful face which comes from knowing she is loved and wanted.
    I adopted a cat who had lived as homeless for several years. When I brought him home, he slept non stop for 3 days ( except to use his box and eat).
    For the next year, he slept almost all the time although he was very affectionate. My vet said it was probably the first time he could relax his guard enough to actually get restful sleep. Maybe this is the first time in Annie's life she could rest peacefully.

  10. Sometimes one can almost see what they must be thinking...
    Great photo's again Deb.

  11. Cute. I love that those two are sort of becoming bed buddies. It is always nice to have somebuddy warm to snuggle up to in the winter.

  12. My cat Tungsten is mellowing with age, too - or is it just that she is at last growing used to those around her? She sniffs Tucker now without the slightest hint of hostility. And she is friends with Renn. Tungsten is twelve and a half - not as old as Ed, of course - but she too is feeling the chill in her thin frame. She has her favourite heated cat-bed. She will forsake my lap for much of the winter for the cat-bed. I don't mind; when it comes to cats, people such as we enjoy seeing them comfortable and content, wherever they are.

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