Saturday, November 10, 2012

Condensing the memories

I've been busy working with old photographs lately. I can get totally lost in this past-time.
Back in the day, the photograph albums weren't as nice as they are now, with the pockets for the photo and a section next to the photo to write the details. They are fabulous now.
My pictures are so important to me and I decided it was high time to put them into some of the nicer types of albums.

Sounds easy but it is very time-consuming. I had over 50 albums that were albums of 50 to 100 sheets. The new ones have 300-400 sheets. Needlesstosay, this is going to give me less albums and more space on my book-shelf. Fantastic!
      My mother and our daughter, Jess in 1982 in Calgary, Alberta. We lived just in behind.
I still remember her putting her hat on my head. These are so fun to look back on. I am only finished working with the photos taken when we moved to Calgary, Alberta and our first daughter was born. That was 4 albums now in 1 larger one. Let's see, that leaves 46 more albums to go. 

My kids love to go through the old photos when they are home. All I have to do is leave them on the coffee-table and the sound of laughter begins.

The old black and whites have an album of their own. These are so precious, too. The photos of our cats over the years bring tears to my eyes.

Busy weekend of cat-sitting and picking up keys. I get to spend time with my 3 favorite tuxedos today.
Otis always poses for me.
 I always look forward to seeing them again. From the looks of it, this coming Christmas season should be the busiest one for cat-sitting yet.

After Riley left on Friday, Audrey made her way back downstairs looking rather exhausted from the whole experience. She finds children to be an un-necessary disturbance in her rather routine, quiet life-style. Plus when she wants lots of action, she likes to be the instigator.
It takes every inch of my effort to not plant a big kiss on this face and instead let her sleep.
She's still growing, you know.
She's also a big fraidy-cat.

She slept the night away on her favorite little kitty-mat and then woke to play catch the mouse on the rope. Good times!

I'd like to welcome all my new followers. I hope you are 'big time' cat lovers and love a good cup of tea so you will continue to follow along and enjoy yourself. I promise to introduce you to many of my kitty-clients over the Christmas cat-sitting season and of course, keep you updated on the antics of my own six at home. So welcome and it's so nice to meet you.

hugs, Deb


  1. I do adore Audrey!
    My cousins and I have been sharing vintage photos brought out by my aunt who is 94 years old. My daughter organized two Face Book groups for sharing these treasures along with stories and remembrances.
    We're finding that the various resources for editing and sharing things almost too fragile to be handled is providing a lot of interest for family that are scattered all over the country. I can only wish that those creating albums or hoarding photos in shoe boxes had thought to label with names and dates.

  2. After a week with my 4-year old grandson, I can relate to Audrey:-D

  3. I really need to cull my photo herd. And of course, we have no kids so I guess they'll end up in a dumpster when we're gone. :( Unless I get really famous or something, ha ha.

  4. I love looking through photos.
    Poor Audrey has the same exhausted look our cats do after visitors leave.
    Jane x

  5. I love, love, love your blog. Your cat photos are great! Of course I love cats....Have one feral all gray kitty who looks so much like your Audrey. What a calling you be a cat sitter. I would love to do that someday. I am an RN, married with 3 children ages 23-15. I have instilled a love of cats and all animals in my children. They all get a kick out of the photos and stories in your blog. Thank you for sharing your blog and life with us all. By the way, I hired a friend, also a nurse, to watch our kitties for us while we were on vacation. We so appreciated knowing they were in good hands while we gone. People like you and my friend are hard to find.

    Julie from Michigan

  6. Your blog is such a joy. I visit it first because I always feel better after hearing about your kitties and those of your clients. We love 7 cats, one of whom is an amputee but doesn't know it. A life without cats and cat lovers would be bleak.