Thursday, November 8, 2012

My favorite little bowl

My favorite little bowl

 It was a Christmas stocking stuffer from my friend, Christine 5 years ago.
 I've always loved it. Just like I loved our friendship.
It has many uses, this little bowl. I've used it for nuts, jams, relish or dip.
It has even scored a spot in my french cupboard.
Audrey thinks..

It's small enough to call it a kitty-dish. But that's not what I planned for it.

Sierra waited so long for me to fill it up one night that sleep took over. But still, she planted her face in it.

                                                                   hugs, Deb
I'm joining Sandi at for HOME
and for Home Sweet Home.


  1. I have two similar bowls...mine came without cat faces!
    Jane x

  2. the bowl is lovely
    the cats are adorable :)

  3. I admired this bowl in one of your other posts, I loved it then and I love it even more now, I'll take one with the kitty face in, awwww.

  4. I love visiting you everyday Deb...the new pictures are soooo it all!!

  5. Cats can sleep anywhere, just like babies. How I envy them!

  6. I love things that have a "story". They can help calm hectic days and wash away the blues on a gray day. Memories of happy times and a purring medicine ever.
    You set the most amazing tables. It's really a gift, you know.
    Maybe someday you might offer us a "blue dish tour". Seeing the lovely rims makes me want to see the whole plate!

  7. I love the bowl and it looks like someone else has "adopted" it with gusto. XOXO

  8. Good morning Deb,
    What a cute little bowl! I have a little bowl very similar only mine is pink and green. It does come in handy for so many things. Your kitties are so entertaining! Thanks for sharing this at my HOME and enjoy your day, my friend.


  9. What a sweet bowl. I love the blue glaze on the outside and the brown on the inside! Oh and cat face in it always makes us smile.
    Its got speical memories with it also I know!

    hugs, Linda

  10. Lovely bowl but the last picture make me laugh.


  11. Cute bowl . I have two wood bowls I remember as a kid my mum had now I have them , she had them before I was born and they are in great condition even though they were and still are used a lot they must be at least 50 years old ! have a good day !

  12. Beautiful bowl! I can see how it would have many uses. Funny photo of Sierra!

  13. I love having special things in our homes that mean so much to us. It makes a house a home!

  14. That's a lovely little bowl!
    I'm very partial to pottery bowls and yours looks like it would feel very nice to hold.
    I think it's great that you have such a special gift from your friend and enjoy it so much!
    I'm visiting you from Sandi's party.

  15. It is a pretty bowl and one of my favorite colors. I love the last shot, very cute! Have a great weekend!

  16. Sierra and that bowl are just too funny! Love it!
    xo C