Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My Christmas cards are bought (that's right..I'm not the craftiest) and a few presents are safely packed away. I'm thinking Christmas everyday now and like to get started as early as I can without seeming like a complete nut-case, which I am, over Christmas. 

The stores are playing Christmas music and lots of people are getting angry.
One of our stores, Shopper's Drugmart, had so many complaints that they took out the Christmas tape and announced on the radio that they will not play Christmas tunes until December.
I think they did that just to get publicity for their store. Crafty little devils!

on to cats...

This is Annie (as most of you know). I nic-named her Peach because of her colouring. When I call her 'Peach' she blinks at me. Her eye has a dis-colouring that has my veterinarian concerned. She has beautiful green eyes with a brown blob on the left one. It is excessive iris pigment that clusters in one area of the eye and cause a dark spot. This has to be monitored by the vet as specific formations of pigment can indicate eye health problems. This gal has been through enough already. I do worry about this, though. 

Annie came to me over a year ago from our local animal shelter with her three babes and a terrible bacterial infection.
You can see how thin she was here. She needed a lot of tender-lovin' care.

She was one of 28 cats found in an abandoned house along with 4 dogs. There was no food and no water in this house and the animals had been left for days. Along with Annie, there were 5 other cats with nursing kittens, 4 pregnant cats and many others of all ages. None of them looked sick but they were thin and stressed.

Not a great start for this young mother cat who was only over a year of age herself.
She is now spayed and healthier but I still do have some concerns.  Mostly, this eye thingy.

I've been busy rounding up keys for the up-coming weekend for cat-sitting. Most of my regulars leave keys with me but new clients have keys ready for me during our first introductory meeting.
I met Boo this week, learned about her daily care and saw that she is shy with strangers. I'll have to step lightly around her and have fresh carrots on hand. You see, Boo is a little black bunny and I also care for them.
                                      Have you had your tea today?
Ed is snoozing by the wood-stove this morning with the sun just peaking through the blinds. He will spend most of his winter right in this basket. This dilapidated , old basket that he loves with all his heart.

 While he snoozes I will show you my sweet,  teenie dutch tea-cup that I found in a  thrift shop.

Anyone for 1/2 a cup of tea?

hugs, Deb                


  1. Annie, is a sweet sweet girl.I do hope her eye remins stable.
    Jane x

  2. I know you are an angel on earth..I just know it....I am so thankful these beautiful little cats wound up in your care. Beautiful pictures Deb!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful Annie! She has those amazing eyes that look like she is looking right into your soul.
    We'll be praying that her eye condition remains stable. We want he to have the lovliest life a cat could ask for.
    Whe you said carrots, I had to stop and be sure it read correctly. A little black bunny! How wonderful!
    You'll work your magic with her, I'm sure. And photos, please!
    Love that Ed.

  4. Do hope that Annies eye will stay stable and not get worse as you say she have been through enough.
    The stores here in Sweden have put up a lot of Christmas things too , have not heard any Christmas music yet :)

  5. "She was one of 28 cats found in an abandoned house along with 4 dogs."

    Makes me sad and angry! So pleased she has landed up in such a wonderful home.

    Love Leanne

  6. I love that sweet Annie is nicknamed 'Peach'. She is a doll!

    hugs, Linda

  7. Annie is such a lovely kitty ,i hope her eye wil be ok .Cute nick name you gave her .She is a lucky girl to live with you!!

  8. All such pretty kitties ! I pray all is ok with Annie's eye ! Lovely little teas cup . I am always up for some tea , here we are tea granny's . Oh a bunny ? I like bunnies to , I like all animals hehe. Have a good day .

  9. Oh my gosh, those kittens are adorable. Makes me want one so bad!

  10. what lovely faces.
    And what a lovely person you are for changing her Annie's life.

  11. You're doing a fine job taking care of the cats and make sure they get it good.


  12. I have a small collection of delft blue items. Part of my Dutch heritage =) Sweet little tea cup.
    I know Annie is in good hands with you watching over her.
    Please give Mr. Ed a hug from me-I love that little dude.
    P.S.-I was cleaning out my gift drawer last night. I have a variety of Christmas presents already but there is still more to be found! I am too afraid to go to the mall in December so I really should get my butt in gear =) lol

  13. I sometimes can't bear the stories of mistreated animals; it's like children that have been abused. Peach is adorable and it just fills my heart with the kindness you spread with these beauties. XOXO

  14. Hi! So nice of you to drop by my place. Please come by anytime and we will do the same.

    Quill and Meg

  15. My friend loves cats more then dogs. He says the reason why he likes cats so much is because they are lazy like him.