Thursday, March 6, 2014


             "Happy 30th Birthday to our wonderful son, John"

Here's what I know about John.

Everyone loved him even as a young, rambunctious boy.
He had the cutest smile and still does.
He was a 'helper' and, at three, wanted Santa to bring him a proper-sized broom for Christmas.
He always sided with the under-dog.
He is generous, thoughtful and fun and to this day has best friends since childhood.
He lived for soccer.
He is sensitive.
He is a 'fresh crusty bread' hound.
He protected his sisters and did his best to keep away bad influences.
He loves to 'tinker' with cars.
He is smart with a great work ethic.
More than once I was approached by his acquaintances to be told that we did a great job raising him.
Yes, we are very proud.
Oh yes, and he can dance.
He is now a great husband and father.
His children make him laugh and he is enamoured with them.
He is a proud daddy.
His dad and I love him beyond words.

"So, here's to a great year, John.



hugs, Mom 


  1. You done GOOD. Handsome son, with a lovely family.

  2. Oh how fun! Happy Birthday John! You are rightly so, a proud Momma!

  3. Is your son going to die of embrarrassment, showing some of these photos? A very Happy Birthday to John!

  4. Happy Birthday to your son and congratulations to you mom. He is a handsome boy with a lovely family. :)

  5. Happy Birthday to John! Terrific pics down memory lane.

  6. What a proud mom you are !! Happy birthday to your son!

  7. What a lovely post from a loving proud mom to celebrate her dear son's birthday. Happy 30 John!

  8. Happy birthday to your son. What a great family he was born into and what a great family he created.

  9. How fortunate for John to have been born into a loving family such as yours! You are right to be so proud.Happy birthday John!

    Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo

  10. Wonderful photos ! Happy Birthday John !

  11. Happy Birthday, John! You have every right to be proud of the man you are. God bless you on your special day.

  12. Happy Birthday John!
    And...look at you in the 80's! Hahaha!
    Hope you all had a great celebration.....
    My oldest daughter will be 40 in April.....YIKES!
    Enjoy your weekend.....
    Linda :o)

  13. Happy Birthday John! Wonderful photos and what a beautiful family!
    Marty and mom

  14. What a lovely family! Happy birthday John!