Saturday, March 22, 2014

An early-spring storm - Ugh!

It's a snowy day here in Ontario. It has snowed all morning and once again looks like the middle of winter.
The photo above was taken from our kitchen window.

The roads were treacherous so I waited a little to start my cat-sitting rounds. I knew this was coming and I prepared my kitty-clients with extra dry food before leaving yesterday. Ah yes, the early days of Spring.

Then it was a good day to be home. I did a bit of baking, knitting and tidying-up. Rae-Rae needed grooming and others needed some nail-clipping. Thank goodness she loves to be combed. She purrs and makes biscuits in the air as I brush and comb away.

Then I changed up the little cupboard again. When my little grandittle Riley was born I bought some little girl bunny decorations for her first Easter with us. I love the little one in the purple dress and knitted sweater. That will be hers someday when she has her own little cupboard.

Lily was perkier this morning (I guess she hadn't looked out the window like I did) and I expect that was from the B12 shot she was given yesterday at the clinic. They always seem to help her. She ate her breakfast with gusto haha! and made me happy just by looking more like herself. I am expecting that she has a thyroid issue and needs medication. Something is causing rapid weight loss. She ate so well this morning and seems comfortable now. We'll see what the tests show.

Hope you aren't living in a Winter Wonderland like we are again. It's getting absolutely boring.

hugs, Deb



  1. How cute !!!
    I'm sitting here in the office watching that ugly white stuff fall from the sky here in Montreal - 15 centimetre's ( what they're calling for )
    You're right - it's positively boring lol

  2. That cupboard is quite cute!

    As I'm close enough to you, we were getting the same system. I was passing through the heart of the city this morning on foot, and anything more than two blocks away was hidden by snow.

  3. No snow here just a little rain and lots of melt . Hope your snow goes away fast ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  4. Cute Bunnies! Rae Rae is adorable and I'm glad Lily is feeling better!

  5. Just a skiff of snow overnite....gone now....except for all underneath!!!
    And the ice under as well......geesh!
    Very cute bunnies...the kids will be so excited to see them!
    Enjoy your Saturday Deb...I am LAZY!!! hahaha! love it!
    Linda :o)

  6. I'm sending warm weather thoughts your way! This winter has been (IS?) incredibly hard.

  7. Stay warm. Hug the kits. Love the bunnies.

  8. Rae-Rae has beautiful eyes.
    Hoping warmer weather finds you soon.

  9. I'm pleased that Miss Lily is feeling perky...unlike we are's still snowing, and I'm so fed up with it all.
    Jane x

  10. Oh, I'm so glad Lily responded to the B-12 and yes I think you may be right that it is her thyroid. I have used a cream that came from a compound pharmacy and you smeared it just inside the ear since my little old one would NOT take a pill. Hoping for the best and sending prayers....

  11. Oh, I'm glad that Lily responded to the B-12. I think you are right that it is her thyroid. I used a cream that you applied just inside the ear and came from a compound pharmacy since my little old one would NOT take a pill. Sending healing thoughts and prayers....

  12. Glad Lilymis doing better. She lost,her best friend a few,months,ago, then new cat has,(temporariky) moved in and now this. She 's got good parents to tend to her
    Gail F

  13. Looks like that one went by us -- still cold, though! I love your Easter pieces. I think today (which is sunny) would be a lovely time to bring out some of mine!

  14. Breathtaking kitty photo!
    Good news about dear Lily. If it's thyroid, it's manageable. She is in our prayers.

  15. Ooo chocolate eggs!! Good luck to kitty!
    xo Catherine