Saturday, March 29, 2014

West-end Pottery Sale

On a dull, dark Saturday, what better way to spend it than to browse around at a pottery show.
There were many beautiful pieces; too many to mention, but I was on a mission to find a yarn bowl. Luckily, at the second booth I stopped at I found just what I needed.
                                                           Almost looks like a cat's tail.

Here is another little 'treat' I brought home today. A gorgeous three-coloured coffee mug with a fox on it which I thought at first was a cat. :-b But, on closer inspection it was a fox which was fine with me as Fox was my mother's maiden name. It's big but light in weight and will work great for that first morning cup.

I had a chat with the talented artist, Carol Holmes-Kerr, who made the beautiful yarn bowl that I purchased. What a lovely lady she is. She had a fun booth with some very funky little pieces.  She was very interested in my cat-sitting service as she is a cat-owner herself. She mentioned she has a blog at If you love pottery, drop over and check it out.

Before leaving we filled in a form for a door prize which was a basket full of beautiful pottery. I have my toes and fingers crossed in hopes of winning that gorgeous prize. If I do, I promise I'll have a give-away just because.

I finished my scarf and it is so cozy. Comfy cozy. 
As you can see, our snow is melting.  Yes, finally. It's a dirty mess but no one is complaining.

Annie was very interested in helping me with my Easter tree this year. That is, after she tried to chew off the end of one of the branches. Okay....we'll have to see if I really do need her help finishing it.

Hope it's nice and sunny where you are.

If you are introducing a new cat to your resident cat, you will find a few tips on yesterdays post.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

hugs, Deb


  1. Lovely photos . I do like that scarf on you very pretty ! Looks and sounds like you had a nice time at the pottery sale . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. We'll look at you!
    All dressed up in your fancy scarf!
    It looks great...and looks like you had a great outing...
    We were slugs ALL DAY! Heaven!
    Your tree looks very festive...Easter festive that is!
    Are you ready for Earth Hour?
    Nice selfie♥️
    Linda :o)

  3. I love hand made pottery. Sounds like a good time. Annie is becoming quite the little decorator ... ha!

  4. Carol's cat pottery's very striking!

    We have the slow, slow melt going on here. I did notice the ice on the Canal looks quite weak.

  5. I love pottery and your yarn bowl is really nice! Fingers crossed you win the door prize also!

  6. Fox is a very special name to me too!!!! Please read about fox symbolism. I think you will find it fascinating since the fox mug chose
    you. This year, Target stores had
    foxes among their home and garden
    collections. A rarity. ( The fox is a
    grand problem solver.)

  7. Oh, I have yarn bowl envy!! ;) These are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pottery. And, you look lovely in your scarf!! blessings ~ tanna

  8. I've been away and need to do some major catching up. I'm glad to see the snow melting there; I've felt badly for everyone who has endured this winter. I love the pottery, XOXO

  9. That was a good way to spend the day. You know I like those kitty cats - cute!
    Hopefully Annie stays away from your Easter tree. Kitties...always so helpful. ;)
    xo Catherine

  10. Those mugs look super nice but... the cats! THE CATS! I think Fluffy looks like my brother, Rushton.