Saturday, March 8, 2014

Around the house & down the road

He's surrounded by females and he loves it.
Four out of five don't like him, though.

I did a little baking today. Two pumpkin loaves for coffee and tea breaks. 
The walnuts went a little 'nutty' during baking. 

Notice anything new?

The sun was bright and warm today but the wind is still cold  It was beautiful driving in the country to care for some stay-at-home kitties.
Although they are indoor-outdoor cats they will stay inside while I care for them.
We played cat and mouse for awhile on the wood pile.
and the birds are keeping them amused.
6 months and already a stunner.
What is it about tabby cats that I love so much?

I did manage a couple of cat-in-window photos. What a little rascal he is.

He wants out but he will soon realize I left some treats here and there for them to hunt down.

Time to bake a birthday cake.

hugs, Deb


  1. My indoor/outdoor cats are in a frenzy of hunting. I'm being presented with mice and sadly, a bird or two. Not happy about the birds, but catly nature is what it has always been.

  2. Joe is really very handsome. Mouth is watering over your pumpkin loaf. ox

  3. Cute kitties and photos. The pumpkin bread looks delicious! Happy weekend!

  4. Adorable cats and lovely photos for CC ~ love them ~ xxx

  5. They ARE gorgeous. I love the 'action' shot!
    Jane x

  6. Deb do you ever worry about somebody marking when you bring in new cats like that? I have heard some people have awful trouble with their cats boy Jinx never has but i certainly am worried about bringing in a new cat and having him start... Beautiful cats!! Hugs! deb

    1. Oh yes, that is a very real worry. It is best to start them out in an area by themselves until they calm down a bit. Giving them lots of window space, cat trees and space to wander and check things out is crucial. I am feeding the newcomers in a room of their own and their litter box is separate also. This change is for about 4 months so I think it is best to let them continue to have their own space for the whole time.

  7. The pumpkin bread looks amazing; it would have been good yesterday with a cup of tea while it was raining yesterday! XOXO

  8. The cats you're looking in on seem pleased!

    Joe's a very handsome fella!

  9. Your shots are lovely (as always). Any chance you'd be willing to share your pumpkin bread recipe - it's making my mouth water just looking at it! *L*

  10. You nearly have as many kitties as I, now!

  11. What an adorable group of cats. I love tabbies too but only have one at the moment, he is my sweet little boy. The pumpkin bread looks delicious!

  12. May I try a slice of your pumpkin bread :D
    Love your kitties!

  13. Joe is such a handsome mancat! If your ladycats aren't crazy about him, we lady'beans certainly makeup for it.
    Tabbies....and tuxies, tigers, calicos,
    tortis, browns, whites, blacks, love them all, Deb.
    The sign of a true to the bone cat
    lover. Oh, and grays... sorry Audrey.

  14. I have a "she" as tuxi cat ! cute pictures

  15. Love all the kitty photos! The sun feels so much warmer now. You can tell spring is coming... sometime!

  16. The kitties are all beautiful. I think your photos are wonderful. You know cats so well you can definitely capture their essence through your lens.

  17. Lovely cat pictures with a nice walnut sideline. I like it.