Monday, March 24, 2014

Where are you, Spring?

It may be Spring but you won't find any ice-cream shacks open for business. It was -6C when we took our dog, Kane, for a walk around Almonte on Sunday. I wanted to take some photos of the town but it was seriously too cold to stand for any length of time in the wind. We went for a hot coffee instead.
I hear we are to expect +7C by this Friday so hopefully we can bid winter farewell by then.

I picked up more seed and nuts for the birds and squirrels to help them through the next few weeks.
Annie has her favorite seat where she watches all the action in our maple tree.
But just like we are bored silly with this weather, they hold her interest for only so long before sleep takes over.

Look at that little Peach.

The start of Spring 2014
Last year we were in sweaters.
Maybe a visit with someone very special will make things better.

After my final visit with Jewel and Angel (kitty-clients),  we enjoyed a few hours with little Gwyn. She is growing so fast. We gave her a little 'sprout' on top of her head with her barrette. She's the sweetest little doll. That's her mommy, Jess on the left and Aunt Allie on the right. Gwyn looks just like her daddy. 
Lucky girl.
She's such a happy little one and so is her nana when she gets to spend time with her. *grin*

Hope you are enjoying some sunshine.
hugs, Deb


  1. Two peaches today ... Gwyn and Annie! :)

  2. It has been nice and sunny here today a bit colder then I like for this time of year but I will take what I can get knowing Ontario's wacky weather lol !
    Wonderful photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. Lovely photo's of a lovely family....the barrette is adorable and that little smile priceless.

  4. She certainly brightens up the day!
    4 beauties...all lined up..."how special is that♥️
    Lovely girls, included!
    Enjoy your evening
    Linda :o)

  5. Annie dozing makes for a lovely pic!

    Terrific shot of you and the girls!

  6. We don't really have any snow left but gosh that wind is cold today and threats of snow tonight! A visit from sweet people always warms the heart! :)
    xo Catherine

  7. what a great photo of you all! Gwyn is so cute.

    Yes, the weather warms up just as I leave the country! I will plan a trip to CP after get back. I need some bee supplies! :)

  8. A lovely photo of you and your family Deb! Sending some sunshine and warmer temperatures your way!

    Madelief x

  9. We had snow today, but fortunately it isn't sticking around. The forecast is for warmer temps later this week, and I've noticed a few green shoots sticking up here and there in the gardens! Woo Hoo...maybe spring is coming...?!?