Thursday, March 27, 2014

I must eat my veggies to keep up with these cats.

Two of my latest kitty-clients.
                                                              *wink wink*

Shy little Angel and the lord of the house, Jewel.

I just returned the key to their owner and now I am off to care for a little tabby in the country.
At home, peace is still just around the corner. Rae-Rae has come into her own and now strutts around like she owns the place. She obviously picked that up from Joe who saunters like John Wayne. (Remember him?..oh!oh! just dated myself.) Annie still gives him the heave-ho but he's persistent. Sierra stays clear of them and yearns for Spring to sit on her front bench. Audrey has her trusty hidey-hole where she retreats to much of the day and Lily is too busy trying to get well and could care less about all of them. She is eating fine, though, but we are still worried.

The violets are off the table and the bunnies have taken over.
I tidied up the violets and placed them with Gwyn's photo.
Linda from says they will bloom sooner if I keep the dead heads clipped. "Thanks Linda". 

Less than a month 'til Easter. Will we have Spring by then ?

Apparently, today is the LAST cold day predicted for the next week. Surely, this is the end of winter weather. I am having a love/hate relationship with my winter clothes and am ready to toss them aside and pull out the lighter coat and shoes. Then my goal will be to walk off a pound or five...or ten.

I'm still enjoying our juicer, the Nutri-bullet. Mostly, I love that it cleans up in a minute. That is the one thing I hated about all other juicers I have owned. Too many parts to clean after every juicing.

As long as you love fruit and veggies you will make great use of this juicer. I do a lot of running around and can sure use the boost from my delicious drinks.

I am going to attempt to decorate an Easter Tree again this year. There are way too many monkeys in cat-suits roaming around here for me to think I can put it on a table but maybe I can hang it from the ceiling. haha!
OR...atop the step-back cupboard. 
"Look up, look way up..."

Enjoy your day.
Hugs, Deb


  1. The cat's are so cute and admire you that you take care of them all.


  2. Love Jewel's wink! THAT made me smile today!! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Great job with the violets!
    Gwyn can keep an eye on them for you♥️
    I hear 'ya about the winter clothes! Looking tired!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  4. Angel and Jewel look adorable.

    And the expression of that cat in the last pic is priceless!

  5. Sweet kitties! I love Angel's coloring. That last one is too funny! Have a nice Friday!

  6. Oh, I have one of those monkeys in cat clothes. He loves getting up on the dining table or the top of the bookcase in the den.

    Gwyn has such a sweet face--her photo will surely help your violets bloom. :-)

  7. We have Lily in our prayers.

  8. Angel has to most interesting coloring! Adorable!