Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cat-in-window & a new treasure

A cat-in-window photo for you today.

This is my kitty-client Mooty. She is 12 years old and was adopted last year from our local animal shelter. It was discovered after her adoption that she had very bad teeth and they all had to be removed. That was done and now she is pain-free. She eats both soft and hard food without any difficulty.

Isn't she lovely.
Her play-mate is Pip.

                             We have sprung forward and today it was +11C. We took our Kane for a long walk through town. On return, I opened up the step-back cupboard and added a bit of colour. I did some dusting, too. With a wood-stove on all winter things get pretty dusty even behind doors.
This is my newest find. Made by Victoria Jenkins at Magical Mud.
She is a local potter & sculptor and some of her pieces are sold in a shop in our town.
I love clay dishes with lids.
Maybe I'll keep smarties in there. Oh ya!
My shamrock is blooming
just in time for St. Patrick's Day.
Joe has a crush on Annie and she loathes him. He thinks she's a peach. He has become a bit of a stalker and I have to keep an eye on his whereabouts.
He never lashes out but when she notices him getting too close the hissing starts and she immediately stomps off.  Audrey takes to her hidey-hole when the snarling starts. I give it another week before we see harmony in our home.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love your new bowl...i love handthrown pottery. It "feels" so good! We still have a lot of hissing and carrying on with Mina and crew. I just sigh and think "guess this is the way its going to be". Every now and then I find the girls playing nicely -- as long as they think Mummy isn't watching!

  2. Mooty looks tiny. My Tungsten is going to 14 (we think) this year and is the tiniest cat in my house. But she's still the top-cat. Her situation with my foster-cat, Cammie, is similar to Audrey and Joe. Cammie stalked Tungsten for a while, resulting in hisses and growls. Now, it still happens but to a much lesser degree, and I've even caught Tungsten sniffing at Cammie. Not a new friend yet, but at least not enemies!

  3. Wonderful photo of Mooty in the window! And Pip on the stairs. My old shamrock finally gave up the ghost, so I just purchased a new one and am determined to keep it alive!

  4. Mooty is so cute! What a sweet kitty. Hoping you have harmony soon. The little dog from next door came over to visit and Charlie was nose to nose with her and then showed her around the house. Scared of other cats but this dog was welcomed with open paws. Funny animals. I need to get out my spring mugs!!
    hugs, Linda

  5. Beautiful shots of Mooty and Pip!

    Patience, Joe, patience!

  6. Mooty is beautiful! I'm so glad she is doing ok after getting her teeth removed. I've always had a heart for senior cats.

  7. Cats are such funny wee things!
    I've had the windows open today, and hung laundry outside... tomorrow is another day,though!
    Jane x

  8. What a lovely bowl you found -- and such pretty color in your cabinet. I thought of you last week as we were riding on the 402 (and more) into Canada and across. It was a white-out day (we were grateful to get out alive) and I hoped you were somewhere safe!

  9. Mooty is indeed beautiful. Joe strikes me as an average-guy cat and of course he's enamored of Annie. He has good taste! Peace will reign given enough time (although it's been 4 months since the kitten arrived and there's still no peace ;)

  10. Such little cuties. Isn't it amazing the weather - one extreme to the next.
    xo Catherine

  11. That is the first time I have heard the name Mooty since I live in New Zealand 20years ago. That Mooty was a female ginger cat who had had the same dental issues! Wow, took me back! :)