Friday, March 14, 2014

Waiting on Spring

We are all waiting on Spring. Some of us are a little worn out from it all.
We got a little bit of sun today and the plants just drank it up.

It was a day to work at home and gather up more items for the thrift store. You really do realize what brings you happiness and what just fills space when you start to purge.  I have filled three bags with clothes and household items in the last month and I know that I will not miss one bit of it. I do this every once in awhile and it  feels so good to know that the clothes in your closet are those you wear and the dishes in your cupboard you do use. The rest is on it's way to someone who can make better use of it.

Gwyn showed up for a visit in a Spring outfit yesterday. She's not letting this cold weather get her down.

She's rockin' the '60's.
She loves her dolly and wants to eat her up. haha!
Here she is intently listening to gramps go on and on...and on.

It's a cloudy, windy day but not as cold as it's been.
We are on a roller coaster ride with the coming weather being in the +'s one day and below freezing the next.
March seems to have come in like a Lion and that's where it's staying for now.

hugs, Deb


  1. We are waiting for spring down here to ! It was sunny and warm here got up to +8 and the winds were warmer as well ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  2. What an adorable little blossom you have there!

  3. Gwyn's little spring outfit is precious! (as is she!) She's getting so big.

    I also did some *spring cleaning* (sort of). Actually cleaned off my computer desk and the top of one of my book cases. It wasn't much, but felt good to throw 2 bags of junk away!

  4. Gwyn's looking adorable!

    Sleeping in sun puddles looks like an absolutely brilliant idea.

  5. My cats each found a spot of sunshine today. It went away but still, there is hope.

  6. Gwyn is such a little doll in her cute little spring outfit! And the kitties sure look like they are enjoying sunbathing. What a life! :)

  7. It is very hard work waiting for spring and naps help pass the time . Little Gwyn is so cute, and looks completely entranced by Gramps.

  8. Gwyn is such a cutie. Love her outfit!! We are enjoying a little bit of sunshine today!

  9. I don't think your puss could be any more comfortable, sprawled out on the pillow with that paw hanging down!

    Gwyn is looking fantastic in her spring outfit!


  10. Waiting also spring in Belgium, equinox march, lovely girl , cat and fotos.

  11. Come on Spring! We know you can push Old Man Winter out!

  12. Little Gwyn is spring personified! So adorable with those big, deep blue eyes!