Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Friday and Cat-tip-for-the-day

You know I always have company in the kitchen of the feline sort and today was no exception. Every-time I turned around and looked at her I had to stop what I was doing to tickle that tummy.

"Hey Deb, did I ever tell you you look 90 from this angle?"

"Zip-it, Audrey"

Well, I do love this cat. She is a constant source of amusement and she brightens my day. That is, when she's not destroying the house. Once she is bored with snoopervising my morning, she will take to her hidey-hole and sleep away the afternoon.

Here's a Cat-tip-for-the-day =^..^=Introducing a new cat to the resident cat
Here are a few tips from someone who really does believe that baby-steps need to be taken.
First, put the new cat in a room of its' own with food, water and litter.
Give your resident cat time to get used to something being on the other side of the door.
Then rub down each cat with a sock. Be sure to rub around the cheeks where the scent glands are.
Put the opposite sock with the cats to watch the reaction of each cat.
Once they stop hissing (or they may not) from smelling the sock then switch rooms. Put the new cat in the room that the resident cat was in and the resident cat goes into the room where the new cat came out of. Let them roam around a bit getting used to each other's scent.

Think of it this way. If a person was to arrive at your home that you had never met would you feel more comfortable knowing something about this person before they arrive? Wouldn't you have lots of questions? Once being informed about this person would you not feel more comfortable once you meet? It is the same for the animals.

Before introducing them have on hand some treats and toys. There most likely will be some hissing so be prepared for that. Give the resident cat more attention and keep your eyes on that one mostly. If it looks like there will be an attack you should immediately put the new cat back into its' room and wait for another day to try this. This could take awhile so take your time with it. It could be up to two weeks or so before the cats can be left in a room unsupervised or you might be lucky and they like each other immediately. steps.

I was one spoiled Nana this week. Three days seeing our little Gwyn. She is first in line to check out the little Spring/Easter cupboard. We played and took photos and a tired little baby most likely slept all the way home.

Today she wore polka dot pants, polka dot shirt, polka dot sweater and a polka dot barrette. :)

Hope everyone has a good weekend. It's + weather all week-end. Yippee!
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hugs, Deb

For Sophie - due to some problems I had with my email I wonder if you could give me another update on your kitty. Thanks.


  1. Good tips!

    Audrey of course is obliged to supervise!

  2. Ah Audrey .... let me count the ways I love her. ; ~ )
    Another good tip which I have used to introduce a new cat to the household is when the cat is in it's room, use a child gate (a tall one though) on the door so that the resident cats and it can interact without touching. It removes their fear and they often become used to each other in just a few days. We borrowed 2 child gates and put one on top of the other as our cat was a jumper!

  3. We always kept a Mr Sprayer on the first sign of any aggression,the aggressor got a quick spray.
    Jane x

  4. Gwyn is such a cutie! Grandchildren are such blessings! Love your pics.. Audrey is such a silly... I love it when they get under the covers with just their feet sticking out! I've been lucky with introducing cats -- they just seem to like (or maybe tolerate) each other right away!

  5. I can't resist Lizzie Coco's tummy, either! And your tip is a good one. We didn't go quite to that extreme when I introduced Gypsy to Stimpy, but we did the separate room thing and it was very effective. I wish I'd known your method then. And Gwyn, as always, is adorable!

  6. Great post and wonderful photography of very charismatic fur person ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol

  7. Audrey I am so in love with your face!!

  8. Even on cold winter nights I couldn't convince our cat Stick Tail to stay under the covers. The more I'd try to cover him up (he slept in bed with us), the more he would jump down on the floor to get away. Guess cats know best what they like and need. - Margy

  9. Oh she loves your Easter cupboard♥️
    That Audrey is a real character....
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Cool and dark here....

  10. Audrey really knows how to get those tummy rubs, she is adorable.
    Great tips on introducing a new cat to the family. I foster kittens sometimes and use very similar methods so I can testify it works.

  11. Adorable cats. Adorable baby.

  12. I took your advice about introducing my daughters cat into the house, and it worked very well.

    1. That's wonderful, Melanie. Thanks for letting me know.