Friday, March 7, 2014

Hey Joe..what do ya know?

Well, for sure he knows he is all that and a bag of chips.

Imagine this face looking at

this face
Neither will blink

Peace is slowly returning to our home, though. Oh, they are still doing the odd 'hiss and snarl' but for the most part the cats are just keeping their distance for now. Audrey is out and about again. She walks past Joe with her head and tail held high. She's rather cocky until he makes an unexpected move and then she high-tails it to her hidey-hole. She watches him from there. He has a high-pitched squeal instead of a normal sounding "meow" which really throws her. I've been giving her extra cuddles and I expect it will take the full two weeks for everyone to settle down and find their corners. I'm chopped liver to her these days.

We do have some feeding issues as the new-comers are used to food being left out as my daughter is at work all day. Our cats are not used to being free-range felines and Annie will devour all food that is sitting unattended. So, to keep Annie from blowing up the food is put away. Joe and Rae-Rae will now be looking forward to scheduled meals.

"Oh you do look pathetic, Audrey. But then, I'm sure that is the intention."

It will be a busy weekend with cat-sitting and a birthday dinner for John. Thank you all for the nice comments on his birthday post.
We are expecting to have some nicer weather this weekend. The sun is warmer, the snow is disappearing and the time is about to spring forward on Sunday morning.
Now, ain't that the cat's meow!
Hope it's warming up where you are.
hugs, Deb


  1. Cats are such funny little beings, aren't they! I love Audrey's color -- beautiful! Of course, Joe is quite handsome too!

  2. Poor Audrey!

    The last one to blink gets first dibs on the scratching pole.

  3. Audrey has the hard, sarcastic stare but Joe looks like he can go into another world while staring, and that can often last longer. It'd be an interesting contest, though.

  4. Oh I can imagine a stand off between those two is intense! Wishing more peace in the home and a very happy birthday to your wonderful son!
    hugs, Linda

  5. Glad to hear there may be peace in our day! Lots of toys and games to play will distract everybody, and they will associate FUN with the other cats instead of WORRY. Hurray, temps are going up!

  6. Awww, it can be hard to get cats to like each other. They can be so set in their ways! Gizmo is just now starting to fit in a little better, but our adult cat, Fitz, still barely tolerates him.

  7. Hell hath no fury like a woman cat scorned!
    Jane x

  8. Isn't Joe the most adorable boy!!!
    So precious! Did you ever see the Cadbury commercial "Everybody wants to be the Cadbury bunny"?
    Your daughter should send in his
    photo. He would be so perfect!!!

    Such a cutie-pie!

  9. Thanks Kari. He does look like a bunny, doesn't he? I always thought so.

  10. It's so hard to integrate cats. Maeve is just now starting to calm down from the kittens moving in. I think she has decided she likes Clara Jane and she's willing to be fed in the same room now.

  11. Enjoy your busy weekend Deb - hopefully you get time for some kitty playing and some tea drinking. ;)
    xo Catherine

  12. It sounds a bit wild and wooly at your place, but I'm glad the fur hasn't been flying. Happy Birthday to John.


  13. You could do a *cat calendar* on Audrey alone...

  14. Cute pics and post, Deb!
    I am sure they will sort themselves out...just in time to leave!
    Not bad here today....went for a short walk.....nipply!
    Enjoy your weekend....
    Linda :o)

  15. Glad the cats are settling down! Hi Audrey! I see you under there!!

  16. Glad they are settling in. Joe just looks like he doesn't get fazed by much :)