Friday, March 21, 2014

This and that on a Friday

One of the best things about cat-sitting in the country is seeing all the birds at the bird-feeders.
I caught this wood-pecker having lunch on some suet today. Isn't he cool! Or is it a she?

Our weather is far from Spring-like but it is Spring so that will have to do for now. All I know is that the worst, gawd-awful winter I have ever lived through is for the most part behind us now. Yippee!

Pip and Mooty will be welcoming their mom home today. They were such a joy to care for. I felt so welcomed when I arrived at their home. Mooty is very quiet, gentle, dainty and sweet.
She is 12 years old and likes to mother Pip.
 I let Pip enjoy a few days with Audrey's crazy-pants. Well, let me tell ya, Pip had a blast.

And she loves the little laser light.

I'm going to miss these two. Hope to care for them again soon.

I am now caring for a calico and orange tabby so you'll meet them soon if I can get a decent photo of them. The calico is very shy and possibly not camera-friendly.

Lily was off to the vet today. I've been so worried about her as she is losing weight rapidly and yet eating her meals. She is wearing a little boo-boo wrap on her leg where they took blood to be tested. I hope she's ok and feeling better soon.  She has been cuddling on my lap tonight. My poor, sweet Lily.

hugs, Deb


  1. Sending hugs to your precious Lily. When they get this age, you can't take any chances. I had my vet on speed dial! She finally gave me her cell number! Spring should show up soon.

  2. My purrs to Lily.

    That woodpecker looks quite sharp.

    And Pip and Mooty look lovely.

  3. Poor Lily! Purrs and hugs she will be OK...oldsters are so worrisome.

  4. Here's hoping the vet can help Lily keep her girlish figure! Sending warm thoughts your way.

  5. Oh, poor Lily..a boo boo too?.XXXX from me.
    Jane x

  6. Always fun to see your kitty clients -- these two are just too precious. Poor Lily. I do hope all the tests come out negative. Getting old is no fun for any of us. Hugs to you and Lily.

  7. Our prayers are with Lily. Give our dear girl a kiss from us. We know you will keep us updated.
    I adore Mooty's face! Absolutely angelic. And am so loving those Pip stripes!!!!

  8. It’s always great to catch sight of feathered friends! What a sweet snap of Mooty on the staircase. Sure hope Lily gets a good report from the vet! Let us know.............

  9. We have 2 cats that go crazy over the laser light. They attack it vigorously... and I have to say that every time I see some program on TV where an assassin puts that red laser onto a victim's chest, I can only imagine some *cat* attacking (and not a bullet). Wouldn't this make a great AFV?

  10. Boy woodpecker! The girls don't have that bright red spot on the back of the head.

    We have those crazy pants and they are VERY popular!

    I'm sorry Lily isn't feeling great. I hope that improves soon. I'm sure some warm weather would help!

  11. Oh my God, how funny that I posted two years ago not knowing that these two lovely cats would become mine!!! :)

    1. They are the luckiest cats in the world. You and Gordon are the best. xo