Monday, March 10, 2014


I wasn't sure if I could tire out this silly Pip but after a cat and mouse game at the wood pile and a mad chase to grab and eat the fly in the window-well (her...not me), she finally settled down to enjoy a sun-puddle.

They are so darn hard to resist.

We have 'sprung forward' now and Spring is in the air. It was a great day to have a birthday party
He opened his gifts and I watched him blow out 30 candles and wondered where the time has gone.
hugs, Deb


  1. Pip is a cutie! My youngest just turned 32 and I also wondered how time has flown by!
    hugs, LInda

  2. My youngest hit the big *4-0* last year and now has a young daughter! So yes, we're all getting old, but life is renewing itself.

    Aren't sun puddles fun!!

  3. We, too, are wondering where the times goes! Wasn't dear Riley just a baby a few months ago?

  4. Pip looks like a fun-loving cat. My late puss, Sam, was a beautiful tabby; he once hunted done a fly in the living room, along with a visiting Doberman. What a team!

    Happy Birthday to your handsome son.

  5. Oh, Pip is a sweetie!

    Time flies, doesn't it? I've got a neice just a few years younger than I am, who just had a baby.

  6. Pip is darling! A 30th birthday party is the perfect time to bring up those embarassing stories about when he was a boy...

  7. What a sweet little Pip !
    Full of mischief and fun :)
    A very Happy Birthday to your son, he looks like he is in high school and such a handsome bloke.

  8. I love Pip!
    I spent yesterday with my son as well ♥️
    Enjoy your week, Deb...
    Linda :o)

  9. Pip looks like quite the hunter! Happy Birthday to your son!!!!!

  10. Your son is very handsome and doesn't look like he can be 30 years old yet !

    Pip must be so much fun. I am glad you clarified that it was NOT you who ate the flies. :)

  11. You have such a handsome son! Pip is adorable....but aren't they all? Precious pictures Deb!