Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A good plan for a rainy day.

It is a rainy day but that's ok.

It's a good day to put away the Easter decor for another year. Maybe, too, I'll plant some more pansies since I need to fill a hanging pot for the window.

The violets want to bloom again.

I have keys to pick up this evening to care for some stay-at-home kitties. May will be a busy month.'s time to plan an herb garden. I think I will plant more tea herbs this year. Here's a little from Country Living on just that...  .

But then again, it's a lazy day and Audrey has the right idea.
Audrey toes

It's good to have a 'hidey-hole' when the need occurs.

And dear little Annie (or  Peach as she is often called).  She is so exhausted after all her company yesterday. All that entertaining takes a lot out of a girl.
Peace at last.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb,
    Sounds like a perfect day! I enjoy a rainy day too, especially when I need to do a lot around the house. I love all of your pretty vignettes, especially the one on the dining room table. Pansies are a favorite of mine but they don't last lone here with warmer temps moving in.
    Happy Spring............

  2. Sleeping is a very wise decision by certain felines.

  3. Waw this is looking cute.this is now in the rest.
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  4. Images of sleeping kitties makes me want to nap too! I see your oxalis/Shamrock is still blooming...I'm trying to keep mine in the same condition! If I can just remember to give it a little bit of water daily...

  5. It's raining here today too! And it's supposed to for the next 3 days. And I'm OK with that. Bring on the green! Enjoy your rainy day Deb!
    xo Catherine

  6. Unseasonably hot here! Too early in the season. We agree with Eastside Cats. Sleeping cats make us want to nap too.

  7. That first image -- Wow! Sunny here, this Monday. No rain till Thursday -- or so they say!

  8. Loving the little toes, so cute.

  9. LOVE that first photo...
    Linda :o)

  10. I went through some of your older posts and came across a post in which you mentioned a cat named Oliver who was an outside stray being fed by one of your clients. Do you have any updates on him? (inquiring minds want to know)

    1. Oliver is presently at our local animal shelter waiting for a new home.

  11. A rainy day will be welcomed over a snowy day where I live. Love the pansies...they are the sweetest of flowers. Cat toes are so cute, I love the way they curl them when they sleep. Your home is lovely....I like your table center piece a lot and I notice the window on the wall by the hutch with photo's in it...nice idea.

  12. The first photo is beautiful! Love the kitty toes and sleeping kitty, too. It's raining today and that's what I want to do...nap like the kitties. :)