Monday, April 14, 2014

In the blink of an eye it changes

It was +24 this morning. That came out of nowhere. It was the first 'hot, windy and sunny day' so far and we were out as much as possible to enjoy it.
Kane was actually too warm today and his slow, methodic walking showed it. He came home and headed straight to the cold water dish.

We made our smoothie for lunch today. This time we threw some blueberries, cantalope, banana, kiwi, pineapple, apple, strawberries and plain yogurt together. Yep...tasted great.

My lilac bush at the front of the house has buds on it and that worries me as we are expecting a snow storm and ice pellets tomorrow. This weather is just too much. I want to warn the birds that are singing their little heads off of the up and coming change. I feel so sorry for them. I feel sorry for us, too. haha!
My shamrock is blooming again.

It will remain Spring inside even if 'ol man winter' is at our door again.
I'll just take to a hidey-hole tomorrow like my little friend, Audrey does.

The others never know whether to lie on a blanket around here or not. You never know what lurks inside.

As I type this the wind is picking up and the rain is starting. Snow and ice pellets expected tomorrow. Geesh...

Canada has four seasons...Almost winter, winter, still winter and construction. :-b

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb....
    Yes...kooky weather for sure...
    Love the shot of your cute Shamrock♥️
    That little yellow flower is a Primula...give her LOTS of water..if she lasts long enough, she can go into the is a perennial...
    Ok...enough plant whispering for today! Hahaha!
    Sooooo windy and wet....
    Linda :o)

  2. I think I'll go hide with Audrey. We got the cool back today too. (Well ... cool for us ... won't get down to freezing in town.) Stay warm.

  3. Oh so promising this morning...but the winds got up, the rain has started,the temperatures are dropping...but this storm can't scare us...we've endured worse!
    Jane x

  4. Ok..the smoothie sounds wonderful! Kane must be enjoying some sunshine! just don't think I could do winter that long......lovely signs of Spring Deb!

  5. We're having some incredible winds...must be what's fueling your weather change!

  6. We are expecting a similar change in the weather tomorrow. It's enough to give a body whiplash.

  7. Kooky weather indeed. I was looking out the window around sunset at swiftly moving clouds and wondering if that cold front we're supposed to get has already moved through. It'll be a lot colder than on the way home than it's been today. And here I am without a coat!

  8. I will have to wear boots tomorrow morning for my walk to work. This morning I was wearing sandals!
    Kane looks so handsome :)

  9. oh my gosh I was so happy to find you today, I had to stop blogging when my eyesight became worse, a new computer program for the visually impaired has brought me back, today I found you!!

    1. Welcome back, Laurie. I look in on your blog often. So happy things have worked out for you and your computer. It's fun to blog and I know I would miss it, too.