Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cats in windows & some kitty clients

There are many kitties enjoying the warmer Spring sun in their windows these days.
The only way to make this window with the gorgeous shutters more beautiful
is, of course, to put a white cat in it.

Tonight I arrived at the feeding spot where I feed a few feral cats and was greeted by a huge raccoon. "Dang...if it isn't skunks or crows it's raccoons." I know everything is hungry, and I don't mind the wildlife cleaning up the left-overs, but my concern is the cats.
I didn't have to worry though as he scooted off into the bush when I pulled in. The food was placed in its' regular spot and before I got back to the car one of the cats came running across the grass ready to be first in line for a free meal of dry and moist food.  :) I left feeling good.

It's a busy weekend ahead for cat-sitting & yard work.
Hope the rain holds off.
I've also changed up the step-back cupboard for Spring and will show you tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening.
Hugs,  Deb


  1. They're quite a collection of sweeties in these shots, Deb!

  2. I always enjoy the photos of your "babies". Today's post also gave me an idea for some new shutters (from your first photo)....thanks !

  3. Such beautiful kitties! Ahhh...nice. Now that the temps are warming, I worry too about interlopers to my feral kitty food stash. The worst offender, so far, has been....wait for it...the neighbor's cat! Her name is Aries, and she's a beautiful black and white cat, but she raids the food bowls if the ferals take too long to eat up.

  4. I always adore the crossed paws pose!
    Jane x

  5. Great window kitties. I must have the only cat that does not sit in the window. She rarely even bothers to look out the patio doors, where she would be entertained with chipmunks & squirrel antics. The look I get when I hold back the curtains to encourage her, is "oh please my beauty would shock & over whelm the neighbours".