Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A happy start to the day.

I have wonderful news...
on Molly (now named Maggie) and her kittens

Here is a facebook update written by Louise Hindel from The Ottawa Cat Rescue Network.

Maggie-E has been adopted to the same family who adopted her son, Brent. That is the end of the Maggie-E saga that began in the fall when a very pregnant stray, who had been turned away by 2 shelters, came into foster care. She is the young cat who had 9 kittens. All of her kittens have found good homes. Agnes and James were adopted together; Laura and Fitz were adopted together, Maggie was adopted with Brent and the other kittens, River. Ailish and Aden were adopted into homes with other cats.

I'm so happy for Maggie and her babes, who, with the help and wonderful care from The Ottawa Cat Rescue Network, have found permanent, loving homes.  Thank you again to all who donated and sent prayers and good wishes to the rescue in response to our plea for this homeless, pregnant cat.  May they all have a long and love-filled life in their new homes.

And to celebrate, let's have a little music shall we...

Thanks, Donna B.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Maggie is beautiful! And a good outcome for all. Sending warm thoughts to all the humans who made this terrific story ending come true.

  2. Well, this is THE MOST WONDERFUL NEWS for some time! Prayers have been heard and answered....wishing all these babies a most wonderful life and bless you Deb for sharing their story!!

  3. What great news to start the day!

  4. Wonderful news ! I am so happy for them all finding forever homes ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  5. That just warms my heart! She is so sweet and to have all her lovely babies and herself find good homes is wonderful. Thank you for the update!

  6. Oh Deb! I'm crying tears of joy! It's an ending of which dreams are made! God bless the Cat Rescue Network their great work. I'm
    especially thankful that Maggie got a
    home. So often the mum cat is left
    behind, but Maggie got to go with
    her son to a forever home. Blessings

  7. What a wonderful news .That sweet little Maggie was going trough a lot and she and her kitties deserve to be happy .So good to read they found al a good home.

  8. Oh, I'm so happy to read about the sweet little babies and their mama finding good homes! I'm about to give up hope finding a home for our 2 foster furkids and I just hate to take them to a shelter, but having 6 in the house is a bit much.
    I think I know which kitty is the mess-maker (Peanut) and she even looks a bit like Audrey, so they would make great blog buds! Peanut is very shy and hides from the more aggressive kitties most of the day, but she can be quite a handful when she wants to play!

  9. Hurrah! No more kittens for Maggie, just a good life in a loving home.

  10. What a beautiful, darling mama. I am so happy to hear this!



  11. Wonderful news and I echo you in hoping that they all have good happy lives.

  12. Great news! They do excellent work.

  13. I love a happy ending. And an orange cat! So this post truly makes me smile!