Thursday, April 10, 2014

More signs of Spring

After two days of rain and lots of sun today, we have finally lost most of our snow.
It's time now to ditch the winter boots and grab the rain boots.
We'll be heading back to Temple's sugar bush soon and this time will walk the trail.
There are a few props for photos back in the bush.

Taken at the sugar shack 2010
Now we own our own 'ol tractor. 
Audrey and Annie are very excited to finally have their window open even if it is for only a short time.
They can not only see the birds that are only feet away in the tree but also hear them.

                                                       Love the transparent ear flaps
Can you tell who is who?

I found this old cartoon in a photo album I wanted to share with you.

Click on photo to view

Hope you are out and about on this beautiful Spring day.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Spring is popping here too--arriving just on time! XOXO

  2. Enjoy the sunshine and birdsong lovies!


  3. Love the cartoon! Kitties are so cute in the window, I'm guessing Annie on the right and Audrey on the left. :)


  4. Love love love the kitty's in the window♥

  5. Yes, spring has sprung! Your cats are adorable. Cute cartoon.

  6. I'm going to throw open a window or two now; what a treat after the long winter, Deb!

  7. Our cats have also been enjoying the 'sniffs' coming in the windows!
    Jane x

  8. Lovely photo of the two cats watching Cat TV!

  9. Great day here...altho a tad windy!
    HEE HAW GIRL....look at you!
    You will look awesome driving around the homestead on that!
    Enjoy your weekend....I'm hyped!!!
    Linda :o)

  10. I wouldn't have known which was which!

    We're seeing the depletion of the snowpack too.

  11. It's springing up here, too, but I haven't quite been ready to open the window! Maybe by the weekend!

  12. Dearest Deb,
    Hope you still had a screen in front of that window or else they would no doubt jump out.
    Lovely photo, also on the tractor.
    Sunny greetings with hugs,

    1. Oh yes, Mariette, there was a screen there. Safety for my cats is #1 with me. Sunny greetings back to you. :)

  13. LOVE the kitties in the window! Spring has come to Boston, too! I put two screens down in two windows and let the kitties have their first whiffs of spring - they were GLUED to the windows.