Monday, April 28, 2014

Sun worshippers

There were many sun-puddles to enjoy today


and not one was wasted in our house.
                                          Freeloader Joe
I knit this little bear for Gwyn the other day. It's a pattern for beginners; most likely for children. That's why I picked it.  *grin* I've never tried to knit a toy before but now I'm hooked. It's very bendy and no buttons to worry about. I'm ready to tackle a more sophisticated pattern so I am on to the next one already. I think she will like this, though. It's teeny, cute and soft just like her.

Gotta go...the retired guy just baked multi-grain bread and I've offered to do the taste-test. ;-) 

hugs, Deb


  1. You are becoming quite the knitting whiz. I am impressed. I love the bear. Pattern??
    Yes no sun puddles were wasted here at 44.
    Thanks for the platters. Came in quite handy. I will drop them off this week (well maybe not drop more like place)

  2. Sun!! We are to have a week of sunshine, can't wait!

  3. Great photos of the kitties! I also love the little cute! I'm back to packing but wanted to visit some blogs!


  4. Cute knitted bears, freshly baked bread and sunpuddles! I so want to be at your house! :)

  5. What a sweet little bear♥️ so gosh darned cute!
    And....your retired guy bakes? bread? I am speechless...
    I can't even get a damn poached egg.......****jealous****
    Enjoy your evening Deb....
    Linda :o)

  6. Gwyn will like that!

    The cats seem to be enjoying having more sun to lie in.

  7. My Mom's cats love to sit in the sunny windows too. So cute!

  8. I think a house full of cats is a happy one Deb. I can see yours is very happy. Such beautiful kitties, every one.
    Gwyn is going to adore her little bear!
    Thank you for the sweet message you left so I could find you :)

  9. You manage to capture such wonderful phots Deb. I am imagining you down on the floor for the second one. lol

  10. Neat little bear. he'd be good for cats, too - not as a toy but as a snuggle-buddy. My Tucker would love it.

  11. Exellent photos! Our girl Angel is black and white, and we are concerned about the white tips of her ears getting too much sun, now that it appears that Old Man Winter may be finished. Sometimes we put a sunblock in the window (namely, the cardboard from a case of canned cat food) so she can sleep in her favorite window perch in the shade.

  12. Nice pictures, and the cats look happy to be on the sun! Audrey looks like my baby Mikesch

  13. Hooray for receiving sunshine!!!
    xo Catherine

  14. The bear is adorable. You did a great job!