Friday, April 25, 2014

Springing up the cupboard

Sometimes I have the three 'kitchen cats' keeping me company all at the same time. They will pull up a box and make themselves comfy for as long as it takes. That's how it was today while I cleaned the kitchen then they joined me as I re-arranged a few cupboards in the dining-room.
One in particular was a little annoying as usual.

                                                  "I don't like what you've done."
"It looks stupid."
Anyway...I do love their company.

It's an  over-cast day with very unseasonable temperatures. I won't have any bright and beautiful sun-puddles to photograph today. We are back to wearing coats and gloves again. *sigh*

I'm just 'springing-up' the step-back cupboard since I do believe that we have seen the last of the snow.
But then again, I am an optimist.

Early this morning I sat with my coffee on the stairs and had a little conversation with Rae-Rae.
She is the first one up every morning and she needs to wait just a little longer before waking up the rest of the house.
She's going to do her best, she thinks, but can't promise anything.
                                                                    5 am with Rae-Rae
hugs, Deb


  1. Cats make wonderful company! I hate to disagree with Audrey, but I like your arrangement in the cupboards. :-) It must be so hard for Rae-Rae to wait just a little longer!

  2. Audrey just consistently cracks me up. Those eyes are so expressive.

    Rae Rae's a real beauty.

  3. I've been cleaning the china cabinet -- and I ADORE that milk bottle! Lovely all!

  4. Oh Audrey. That cupboard is so pretty. Deb makes it beautiful for all you kitchen cats. I love the milk bottle; don't remember seeing it before. What a great job you have working with those beautiful cats. And Rae rae is just gorgeous.

  5. How fun to switch up your looks in your step-back cupboard!
    Your cups are very matter what Audrey says!
    I see your primula is still hanging in there!
    Enjoy your weekend Deb...
    Linda :o)

    1. Yes, the primula is doing well. I'm pampering it a little and it likes it.

    2. Good for you....she will reward you♥️

  6. Where did you get the milk's fabulous!
    Rae Rae looks as though she is wearing an Elizabethan collar..she looks like Queen Elizabeth I!
    Jane x

  7. She is the queen around here since she arrived. Isn't she a pretty girl! The milk jug I bought from a shop in our town that is now closed. They carried all kinds of unique items. I'll keep a look out for another one for you.

  8. I love that milk bottle with the cat on it cute! I also love those pretty cups with the flowers. Rae-Rae reminds me of my Emily...I miss her and her Princess attitude!
    While I miss my Charlie soooo much, I am lucky to have Sam here to pet and cuddle.
    hugs, Linda

  9. I bet you are just loving the two additional kitties around the house!

  10. me gustan las alacenas, esos muebles y sobre todo los gatos
    ¿no te animas a poner un traductor?

  11. So sweet! Love your pictures...
    The best for a lovely weekend!
    Love Titti