Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pottery and pussycats

I've always had a love-affair with pottery but only recently have started to look for pieces in thrift shops. I found one piece in a shop near Perth, Ontario. When I turned it over I discovered that it was made by a local potter, Rosemary McGinnis. That made it even more special as I have had the pleasure of spending an evening with Rosemary at a dinner party.
This piece I found in a shop in our town. I love dishes with lids and was attracted to it immediately.

Two pieces found locally.

It's the hunt for these fine pieces that makes 'thrifting' so fun.

 The sun did shine yesterday for a few hours so Sierra plunked herself down in a sun-puddle for a good snooze.

I had a busy day with cat-sitting and will continue to be busy until Monday.
I`m on my own this weekend as the retired-guy and daughter are both away. I now have a new admiration for him since he is always the one to be up, put the coffee on and feed the finicky felines before I even see the light of day. Now I am up waaaaaay too early, being bossed around by screaming cats and a jealous dog that stands next to the cat dishes and tries to disguise himself as a starved feline. The whole time I am dishing out the stinky goodness I am complaining about their lack of patience so I could at least have my first coffee. "Geesh!"
Can you picture 14 eyes staring at you, which includes a pair of hopeful Collie eyes, with mouths open like baby birds and the most hideous sounds emanating from their cartoon-like faces at 6am while the rain hits the kitchen window? And it's still dark out. It's the makings of the start to a movie, I tell ya.

After a busy day running the roads  I ordered up some chinese food for dinner and enjoyed a little feast. I`m not one to cook very much when I`m alone and any excuse for chinese food is a good one, I think. :-)))

Hope you are having a good weekend. I am off to cat-sit (since I just can't get enough of those felines) and then plan to have a rainy day inside with a good movie and a smoothie. I suppose those wascally wombats will want some of that, too. :-b

Hugs, Deb


  1. I get all that from just one pair of very yellow eyes! Sam is a howler for sure. He is doing great about staying indoors. His hardest time is first thing in the morning when he wants out to potty....but he finally uses the litter box and then settles down. Now he can go live with Mom when she moves :)

  2. I love hand thrown pots. Mr. Dragon and I loved the search for new potters while we lived in New Mexico. I'm trying to use my pieces more and more. Such love went into their making and into their finding! My mornings are just as you described ... three kitties with the strangest vocals begging for food.

  3. That's pleasant pottery.

    I can practically hear the demands from the cats.

  4. Mornings feel as though we have forty eight cats, not thirteen!
    Jane x

  5. We love pottery too. I just got a pottery dish in the escape of a pear. Sierra could not be more content. xo, olive

  6. That Chinese sounds good to me, its my favourite type of food.

  7. Your pottery finds are beautiful. I especially like the one with the lid.
    Thank you so much for visiting.
    Mary Alice

  8. Nice pottery :)
    Kitties are sure to let you know that they are there
    and ready for foods ;) Not likely you could forget them,heehee
    Have a good day :)

  9. Love the pottery and your blog, your kitties and your doggie are the absolute best..I so admire you for what you do to help feral cats and abandoned cats and animals in general..You are a wonderful human being, love your home too, I am a big tea drinker and a kindred spirit..loving cats I think I am closer to Mother earth have a most wonderful week..ciao!

  10. I am like you Deb...
    When the boyfriend is away...I eat unbelievable things...usually includes mounds of butterscotch ice cream smothered in butterscotch sauce...I wonder when he is going away again?? hahaha!
    Love the pottery...we would be good shoppers together....
    Enjoy your day..
    Linda :o)