Saturday, April 12, 2014


I'm passing on to you a list of 'the dirty dozen' foods that are causing health issues in people.
Why? Because they are the most contaminated by pesticide use.
Please read...

We have changed our diet a little since we have reached our 60's. Actually, the retired-guy will be 60 on his next birthday but 'who's counting'. *wink* Our health and fitness takes top priority, and now that we are daily 'juicers', we will be purchasing these fruits and veggies in the organic isle at our market.
That will be a first for us. We always thought the difference in price would be far too much but my daughter shops organic and she tells me different. I guess it's just a matter of shopping around.
It won't be long before we are eating from family gardens.

The sun is out, the snow is all but gone and the wind is dying down a little.
It is a beautiful day.
New life is springing up everywhere in many shapes and colours. 

I find myself taking deep breathes outside. We are all so in need of this wonderful change.

I've had so many birds visit this week I can't even begin to tell you how many different ones. I am just loving seeing them back at our feeders.
And of course, so are the cats.

Rae-Rae has a big cat-tree in her window to enjoy the action at the maple tree but she has taken to the bed more these days. It's very important that she have her scent on the new quilt that arrived.
Again, it's all about priorities.
She figures the birds will be there tomorrow.

hugs, Deb


  1. My humans try to buy as much organic fruit and vegetables as they can.
    A lot of birdies to watch over here too :)
    Happy CATurday !

  2. We've just heard that Walmart In will be carrying more organic foods and will carry certified organic produce that will be affordably priced. Can you believe this?
    Eating from a family garden! Heavenly! Can't tell you how I long for a tomato that tastes like s tomato and not just a red substance.!

  3. You know i'm all about eating healthy...... but i'm not going to pay more to eat organic food.... i hope Kari is right and Walmart is getting affordable organic produce. Then i would consider buying it. My daughter eats organic and is always pushing us to do so AND she too says it doesn't cost more but i beg to differ... We do not juice... i prefer to eat (chew) my calories rather than drink my calories much more satisfying..... Hugs!deb

    1. Hi Deb - we do love our meals, too. The juicing is in place of snacks. It is done with a Nutri-bullet so we get the whole fruit and veggie and I think that will do us much more good than chips. ;-) I'm hoping Kari is right, too.

  4. The early flowers are looking quite lovely!

    Rae Rae's as beautiful as ever!

  5. Dearest Deb,
    Oh my, the fear-mongering group that makes BIG Bucks writing stories about they frankly have no knowledge, have brainwashed so many people already. ALL food is organic and you and I are organic too! It's just a hype and it all is about money.
    Those that pay MORE for what they believe to be healthier are plain stupid.
    My husband and I have worked our entire life in the market gardening business and were literally born into it. So we do know how fruits and vegetables and/or mushrooms do grow.
    But it sounds so cool to be talking about 'organic food' these days.
    Changing the diet to eating less sugar (refined sugar) and less refined flour is already a great step into the right direction. Eating enough fresh vegetables and fruits instead of too much meat is a great thing.
    Happy weekend and sending you sunshine.

  6. Hello Deb, just popping in to say hello and happy Spring. Whoever is that handsome brown kitty in the 2nd post beneath this one? He has a marvelous face!

  7. Hi Jeri - That is our Audrey. She is actually steel grey and is 2 1/2 years old now. She is quite the character and wears her moods on her face.

  8. Great info on the foods that are killing us--I try to buy all organic and preferably from local farmers. I love seeing your beautiful cats and the signs of Spring coming your way, XOXO

  9. Thank for stopping by for a visit,both Speedy and I appreciate it,its lovely to see that Spring has come at last,that info is a great tip so thank you for sharing it,xx Rachel and Speedy

  10. thanks for you visit we sure enjoyed seeing you,the info is a great tip on the food,isn't it lovely to see spring here,xx Rachel and Speedy

  11. hello, nice to meet you! ( from one catlady to another! I am owned by 6!)
    your beautiful rae-rae is the image of a cat of mine that has gone now, but never forgotten.. Sadie.