Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter table-scapes.

Easter is a fun time to decorate a table for a family dinner.
Our dining-room is very small though, 12 x 12,  and I have a growing family to accommodate.
It's a tight squeeze.

This was last year's table
I  had to cover the table cloth once again with plastic or no one would eat on it. You see, it was a gift from my youngest daughter when she travelled through South America and found it in a market in Peru.
It is a piece of art and I love it. No one wanted to be the one 'who spilled the wine'. :-b
My son-in-law said, "If you don't cover that with plastic I'll have to eat on the porch."
So I did.

In 2012 the centerpiece was tulips.

Easter 20ll 
I had to have some daisies.
and a chocolate bunny for everyone  (the little one was for Riley)
Dinner was served buffet-style so no plates on the table yet.
We are squeezing one more munchkin in this year as now we have Gwyn in a high-chair along with Riley and Bradley at the table.
I'm thinking back to when I was young and there was always the 'kid's table' at family gatherings.
Perhaps we are not far off from reaching that plateau.

While the snow blew around our house today, Annie watched me clean the house for this year's dinner.
"You missed a cat hair. Not mine, of course."

From the look on her face,  I think she is at a loss as to why I even bother today with all the dusting. It's not like I won't have to do it again the morning of.


Now I know you are wondering "How the heck does she set a table with  6 cats in the house?"
This old house is just like all other older homes. The dining-room has two doors that I can close off  before the dinner just to tick off the cats.

I'm joining for Share your Cup Thursday.


  1. You really go all out for the holiday!

    Annie feels humans need strict supervision.

  2. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for your visit via Titti - and your lovely comment!
    Keep making your lovely Easter tables.
    Hope you are having a great week!
    Ingrid x

  3. the table scapes are so lovely, i buy the little gold bunnies too, such good chocolate!! Have a wonderful Easter!!!

  4. Golly, this year my family and I are attending a baseball game for Easter! Such lovely tables!

  5. I love family dinners and I'm so excited to know that soon my Mom will be joining our little Georgia clan! Hugs!!

  6. You set a lovely table! Enjoy Easter and being with family and those you love.

  7. Very pretty Easter tablescapes.
    I just love seeing the Easter decorations
    almost as much as Christmas.

  8. The plastic was probably a good idea. The first time I used a brand new tablecloth for Thanksgiving a few years back, someone spilled red wine on it. But it wasn't a *special gift* like yours, so I wasn't upset (and eventually I got the stain out).

    And our dining area does not have doors... so the cats must be moved to another area of the house once the table is set. If not, they would be right up there checking it all out...

  9. Hi Deb....I like your eclectic mix of dining chairs...
    Your tables look so welcoming...
    Whatever flowers you choose will be perfect!
    I got my pansies today...
    They are spending the night in the garage!
    Enjoy your evening my friend....
    Linda :o)

  10. A table filled with good food and family is always a wonderful sight. Your centerpieces are adorable. Happy Easter!

  11. Your table is lovely. I am at the in between stage - everyone off doing their thing, No one interested in a family dinner. The tide will turn though. My fur babies have started shedding - there is SO MUCH hair - and they all swear it is no theirs. Sigh! Happy Easter - Happy SYC

  12. Love your pretty table.
    So glad you found me. My original blog is still accessible and I have my newer blog address there.
    Happy Easter.

  13. A beautiful table setting and very clever with the plastic. Happy Easter to you and your family. I just love reading about your kitties, it brings a smile each time I visit your blog.

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  14. Your tables are all so beautiful -- I couldn't possibly pick a favorite but I'm eager for 2014! How lovely to celebrate with family and have so many happy faces around the table. This weekend I will get flowers and finish up basket preparations. It's always such fun! I do love the springyness of Easter -- time to get out the pretty colors, bunnies and chicks and smile! Happy Easter, Deb -- and an extra treat to the cats!

  15. Love your tablescape. Especially your little chocolate bunnies! Hopping over from Jann's party today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. Beautiful! Love this post! Happy Easter

  17. Fun to see the different tablescapes. That cloth is gorgeous! The little chocolate bunny is just too cute alongside the big ones. Hope you had a lovely Easter. It was so nice here we ate outdoors. And yes, we have a kids table. Thanks for sharing with SYC.